which and where

  1. Learners of a second or foreign language may sometimes feel like outsiders in situations ______ people around them are native speakers of the target language.
    (A) which© where

Ans: ©

Why not (A)
How to use these two words?
I’ve learnt that in which=there
Could someone give me some examples?

Which usually denotes a choice.
Where usually denotes a location.

Which shoes do you prefer?
Where did you buy those shoes?

Which bus should we take?
Where will this bus take us?

Hi Buugua.

In your sentence:

you need to link/join ‘situations’ and ‘people’. ‘Which’ is a relative pronoun and refers back to the noun before it. If you said: situations which, you would then have to describe those situations but the next word is ‘people’ and is the subject of the next part of the sentence. Obviously that doesn’t work and so we need a word to describe the position that these people are in. That’s the reason why we say: situations where … Another possibility is 'situations in which …

Look at these two sentences:

It is a situation which I do not understand.

It is a situation in which/where I find myself.