whether people should change their lifestyles for environmental protection

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Topic: Developments in science and technology have caused environmental problems. Some people say that a simpler way of life will protect the environment, while others believe that science and technology can solve environmental problems. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Currently, environmental problems are becoming increasingly serious and have influenced the daily lives of people. There is a view that we need to change our lifestyles for environmental protection, while others insist that developing science and technology is the best way to solve the problem. I will discuss this issue from both perspectives in this essay.

It is true that a simple living habit is essential in protecting environment. To begin with, the pollution will be reduced trough this way. If we usually have a trip not by car, but by bike or on foot, there will be less pollution because of less vehicle exhaust. In addition, it is good news to rare species that humans give up delicious food cooked by them. Keeping the variety of wild breeds will be able to make a big contribution to environmental protection. Another important point is that saving resources, like water and electricity, is elementary knowledge. If every person saves a drop of water an hour, the water resource might be not used up forever.

On the other hand, science and technology are also utterly crucial in solving environmental problems. Primarily, the high technology can reduce pollution more effective than human. For example, some cleaning tasks are now done by machines. Moreover, bioengineering is helpful in protecting endangered species. Clone sheep is an example. Finally, the development of science has ability to make us finding out how to utilize new and clear power, in particular solar energy, effectively. Thus, the issue of energy will be overcome.

To conclude, although high technology has incurred a number of environmental problems, humans need it to develop and it is essential in solving the environmental pollution. As far as I am concerned, people not only ought to make themselves having a simpler way of life, but accelerate technical growth.

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