Whether or ...?


I rarely found the word “whether” at this site to build a connection between reason and opportunity. So I wonder whether my use of this word is wrong?


I’m not sure how you use it, but the conjunction ‘whether’ means ‘if’ and expresses alternative possibilities or doubt: I don’t know whether it is true; it depends on whether we have enough money or not.

It can also mean ‘either’: whether by day or by night.

Hi Conchita!

Thanks for your explanation! Like I mentioned I rarely came across “whether” at this site and I wonderred whether/if/ either I might use it the wrong way or whether/if/either this three words might be substituted from another optional?


Hi Michael,

“Whether” is a tad (bit) old fashioned so maybe that is why, “if” is it?s modern day replacement. But not wrong to use it how you do.

‘Either’ is the odd one out in your sentence, Michael. Don’t use it when you mean to say ‘if’. ‘I wonder if’ is the most commonly used expression.

Hi Conchita, Hi Stewart!

Thank you again! I don?t know why but anyhow I do like the word “whether” more than “if” at several occasions whether seeming a tad/bit old fashioned!

Conchita, does it make sense or is there a correct sense if I write the sentence you qouted “I wondered whether/if I might use them either”?


Your sentence just needs a little editing:

I wonder(ed) whether/if I might use either (of them).

Hi Michael.

When in doubt, look at the Master, Bill Shakespeare:


Hi Alan!

Hmm… I think Shakespeare offers the listener a choice between two opportunties “whether… or…”, don?t he?

Nevertheless, hard stuff! I?m not quite sure whether ?tis might be a typo or an old-fashioned form of it?s or what?s the meaning?

Additional I don?t really know why Shakespeare calls it nobler in the sense of honorable?

Oh dear, really hard stuff if you?re a literary booby like I am! I myself hardly was able to understand Heinrich von Kleist?s “The Broken Pitcher”!


'tis = it is, shortened and scrunched together.