"whether or not"

If I’m not mistaken these are right patterns:
whether to do something
whether or not
whether … or not

So…, what about this one:

1-whether it is correct or not.
2-whether is it correct or not.
which one is correct and precisely why?

Somebody told me the latter is the correct one but I didn’t know whether to believe her or not.
I wondered whether or not I ask this question, but I had to ask this question whether she likes it or not.

I don’t have to spend any time wondering whether it is correct or not. The former phrase is correct. I think it’s because ‘Whether’ modifies the verb.

Wait…! Please take your anger out somewhere else.
I haven’t finished it yet. I wanted to edit it. Now, answer please.

Is this sentence correct and why?
(to find out whether is it correct or not.)

Anger? I’m sorry if you saw anger where I can assure you none was intended, Richard. I was just playing with the phrase in my response. I wanted a first sentence which would use the correct form of the phrase.

My answer remains the same, and still remains without anger.

You had replied before I edited it. Ok, may be it was a figment of my imagination. (I was kidding.)
It’s too late. I’ll check it out tomorrow.
I’m talking about this page:
Moor House. ( Concluding chapter.)

You are right - it is late.

I’ll blame the lateness of the hour for the fact that I didn’t read Mix’s sentence carefully and correctly.

Now I understand why you thought I might be angry but the fact is I didn’t connect the two threads at all. I didn’t even realise that it was me you were talking about until you posted the link in your last post.
(I appreciate that this is the vocabulary/grammar forum, but feel that it would have been more straightforward if you had posted this in the thread where the query originated - still, all is eventually clear… to me, at least.)

Hi Bev.
Thank you.

realize (AmE)
I think the spell-checker which is installed on these forums only recognizes American English words. I should ask Slava.

Generally, it only recognises AmE words - but I’m afraid that won’t stop the habit of a lifetime for me :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that it accepts ‘organisation’ rather than insists on ‘organization’.