Where or when.

Another twenty Euro bet!

Well well!
I didn’t know that we have a good singer here!
It was a quite difficult for me to understand but it seems to be a sentimental song.
I’d be thankful if you write down the lyrics of this song Kitos.
Thank you.

It seems like we have met like this before,
We looked at each other in the same way then,
But I can’t remember, where or when.
The clothes that you’re wearing, are the clothes you wore
That smile you are smiling you were smiling then
But I can’t remember, where or when.
Some things that happened on the first time
Seem to be happening again
And so it seem that we have met before, and laughed before, and loved before
But who knows, where or when.

My pleasure Tom. I got 20 Euro for singing this! … Easy money.

Mr. Kitos sing!!! Amazing!!!

Mr. Kitosdad,
I lost place. I’ve seen it at first glance, I know this song.
Frank Sinatra, Benny Godman … no, it was Dean Martin!
My father admired him, but he died last night five years ago.
I’ve allmost forgotten it. It was really one in my eye,buhh. Weird!

Well done!

hi kitos you have a wonderful voice. I liked your song because you sang that song. Very nice.

Thank friends. I do anything for twenty Euro nowadays. LOL.

good :slight_smile: