Where it is and how to fly?


In the following sentence couldn’t and shouldn’t ‘how to fly’ be replaced with ‘where to fly’?

However, the ABI Drone uses onboard 3D depth sensors and cameras alone to precisely know where it is and how to fly, that means anyone can use ABI Drone, regardless of skill, in a variety of situations and locations, with assured safety.

Many thanks.


I don’t think so. It sounds like it is not a fully autonomous drone - it still has an operator who chooses where it will go. The operator does not need to know anything about how it flies though. The operator chooses up, down, left, right (I assume) and the drone uses its cameras and sensors to fly in that direction.


That’s what I thought too but according to VTRUS, the creator of ABI Drone the drone is ‘Completely autonomous without the need for GPS or a Pilot’.


In that case, i think your assessment is correct!


And then again, it might not. I read the article again and now I think that it’s you who are correct in saying that the drone is being operated remotely by an operator who doesn’t need the qualifications of a traditional pilot.