Where is the top 100 list?

Hi there,

I followed a link from the course email to a top 100 list. But I can’t get there without that link. Where is the entrance from this forum and how can I get myself counted into that list?



Hi r3t3m2

The Top 100 List is here:

You have to start doing the tests (while you are logged in) in order to get on the top 100 List. When you are one of the top 100 test-takers, then I presume your name will appear on the list. :smiley:

Think you, Yankee. I logged in and took a couple test but it looks not be counted. don’t know why.

By the way, I logged on the forum and click on ‘tests’ link on the top part of this page. Is this proper way to take tests and get counted? I noticed that when I get on tests list page, my name disappears. How do you take the tests? Thanks again.

hiii Yankee well my problem with the tests is that when i close the page of the test and after i want to keep doing the test i have to repeat all the tests!!!

Hi r3t3m2 and beauty17

I think Torsten will have to explain the further details of this list and the tests.

I have a question for you, r3t3m2. How many test questions have you already done? More than 30 questions (3 tests)?

Hi Beauty,

You can see how many test questions you have answered so far by clicking on your personal progress page.

As you can see you currently have answered 170 test questions in total.

Hope this helps.

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Hi R3,

You simply need to “enable cookies” in your browser so your login information gets stored in your browser and all the test questions you answer are counted towards your progress score.

For more information, please read How to activate cookies?

Please let me know if this helps.

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