where is the error!

Hello everybody here,…can you tell me where is the error in this red words and why… I want to explain thank you :slight_smile:
I tell everyone Imeet that a job this easys [color=red]shouldn’t be allowd , but luckily ,t is .I’m a hand model , and as long as my hands [color=red]remaining as beautiful as they are ,[color=red]I’m told that [color=red]I’ll continue working

There seem to be a lot of errors. Here, all are repaired:

I tell everyone I meet that a job this easy shouldn’t be allowed, but luckily it is. I’m a hand model, and as long as my hands remain as beautiful as they are, I’m told that I’ll continue working.

Hi there…thank you Mister Micawaber for replay …but can you explain to me why you chose base verb instead of v+ing
as long as my hands remain as beautiful as they are, I’m told that …not as long as my hands remaining as beautiful as

It is a clause: you need a finite verb.

thanks for replay… but can you put a thread which explain this rule … thx again :slight_smile:

I don’t know where to find a ‘rule’ for this basic construction.

as long as:
a. provided that: As long as you can come by six, I’ll be here.
b. seeing that; since: As long as you’re going to the grocery anyway, buy me a pint of ice cream.
c. Also, so long as. during the time that; through the period that: As long as we were neighbors, they never invited us inside their house.

As long as you are beautiful, I will love you.
As long as the sun shines, we can keep hiking.
As long as Spain plays well, they will win the World Cup.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: