Where is Ralf?

Hi Torsten

Where is Ralf? I don’t see his name as a moderator any more!?



Hi Tom,

Many thanks for your question. Ralf has been pretty busy with other assignments so at the moment he can’t spend as much time on the forum as you would like to. He has been running quite a number of specific English language training programs for different target groups and for different clients all of which demand his full concentration and time. It’s great to know that you care so much for our forum moderators.

Best regards,

TOEIC listening, talks: Announcement[YSaerTTEW443543]

People frequently disappear when they get busy.

Some posters thinks this means that they’ve won an argument against the person who disappeared, but that’s not usually true.

Could Ralf and Molly have eloped together? No…let’s not go down that path again :smiley:

I just assumed that Molly was gone because I got busy and he didn’t have his favorite person to torment anymore.

I doubt they’ve eloped, unless they went to Massachusetts, Connecticut or Canada, because Molly is actually a man, and I don’t think Ralf would go for that.

Hi guys

Ralf is busy as a bee since his return, so has no time for this little past time. It happens to us all as Jamie K says.

As for Molly and Ralf, what a combo but knowing Ralf´s tendencies have to agree with Jamie K on this one.

Eloping for him would only be possible to Gretna Green anyway, not as pricey.