Where has yo been!

oh wow guys its been so long but i just got flooded with work, assignments, projects, test everything its been crazy! hopefully i can get on more since they are all done and over with its nice to see rich is a communicator now and my post count went up so im an advanced learner hehe interesting. its also nice to see so many new faces and guess what guys! i got a new car!! this is what i drive to university everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

and here is the interior

spiffy :wink:

[color=blue]Swell, now you get to show off, I can’t complain of my beetle it drives me anywhere. How come you post count is so high without been around much? sure thing YOU’RE CHEATING.

Don`t make yourself scarce we miss you pal…roftlol…roftlol…roftlol[/size]

[color=blue]Uhhhm, I didn’t notice at firt glance but what’s with you’re plates?

[size=200]Something phoney with yo wheels yo…roftlol…roftlol…[/size]

haha i dont want people knowing my plate numbers 8) i’ll try and be around more good to see you, wheres torsten!

Hey Yo!!
I bought a new car too!!!
Unfortunately i havnt got any photos of it, but Ill take some.
See ya!!
Your car is big , really big… hhhmm… :shock:

ech, complexes… complexes… :smiley:

He he… :lol: