Where do you get photocopiable ESL materials for beginners?


Could you please let me know what you think on the following. A British friend of mine moved to Thailand last year and started to teach ESL after he had obtained a Trinity TESOL Certificate. He has been able to get English classes going and his little school is starting to attract some private students. Now, since he is a little bit of a perfectionist he has been creating his own lesson plans, stories, vocabulary and pronunciation worksheets, etc. His approach to teaching is very unique and seems to be quite effective.

However, he doesn’t seem to have the energy and resources to create all the materials he needs as his classes are really starting filling up. To cut a long story short, he’s asked me whether there is any book he can purchase that contains 20 or so short lessons for absolute beginners. The materials should be photocopiable so he can use them as worksheets in his classes. Any suggestions?

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It’s very easy to find things like this if you go to Amazon.com or Google and use the search words “reproducible ESL”. Using that, I’ve found these resources from Canada:


Using the search words “photocopiable ESL”, I’ve found this:


I also like to get things from a company called “Handouts Online” (handoutsonline.com)

Hi Jamie,

Thanks a lot for that – I didn’t know about Fullblastproduction and ESLresources. I was aware of English-to-go and Handoutsonline both of which provide pretty good supplementary materials. I’ve forwarded those links to Tim and might post his feedback here.
Also, thanks for giving me a new Google keyword: “reproducible ESL”. I only used to think of “photocopiable”, a word which seems to exist primarily on the Internet…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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And in the Oxford American Dictionary.