Where did you go for your last vacation?

Hello everyone
I’m reza from Iran. my friend and I decided to go to Armenia for next month.
Armenia is a country next to the Iran and we can go to this country without any visa and we can stay over there for a long time and we can reserve hotel on the internet.
And also we can go to Aghveran.
Aghveran is one of the most popular place in Armenia whit its hotel and resorts.
Armenia is famous for its mountain and Aghveran has fresh air full of oxygen and it’s far from the big city.
Aghveran is an ideal place for having a good vacation.

My last vacation was at Hilton Head, South Carolina. Every summer we vacation with two other families. There are 6 adults and 9 kids so we are outnumbered. Actually this year, two of the kids brought friends, so it was 11 to 6; generally we were soundly defeated. I like to surf on my beach vacations, but the surf in South Carolina is not that good. The first two days were ok though, so I was not terribly disappointed. There are many trees on the island, mainly live oaks and palmetto palm trees. I have never seen a beach town with so many trees, it did not really feel like we were at the beach. There were lots of fun bike paths, and the sand on the beach was very hard, so we could ride our bikes on the beach very easily. All in all, I enjoyed the trip, but I would prefer a location with bigger waves.

Dear Raz.biniaz,

Countries of the Middle East really fascinates me!
The cultures are so different and so exotic. I look forward to visiting them if I have the opportunity.

As a student studying overseas, I guess I don’t really have that much time to go on a vacation. The best vacation for me is a trip home twice every year =)
It’s funny how much you forgot when you’re living somewhere far from home, and how quickly you pick up things once you’re back, it’s as if you’ve never left!
I guess the ye old saying, “There’s no place like home” does have it’s truthfulness.
Sure, I guess back here in Sabah, Malaysia, the living standards are not comparable to those in Taiwan, we’d have electrical problems every now and then, and much inconveniences in public transport and social benefits. But hey! You can never forget the taste of your mother’s cooking, and no money in the world can buy us the love of our parents.

Hello Friends,

       I am Chans, Very recently i went to a place called Ooty. My office mates planned the trip to Ooty, which is in Tamilnadu, India. I really enjoyed the moments in Ooty. Traveled to different places water fall, boating club. Its one of best place for honeymoon couples, Its cold and rain through the year.  Second day went botanical garden which has lots of trees/plants good to see such kind of place and its 100 years of history. 

That is all for now. Bye.

Hi Chands,

I am shanthisethuraman from India (Tamilnadu-I will not mention my place).
Wish You a “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY”. Since you are also in India, I want to wish you for our Independence Day.

Ooty is a picnic Spot, there are number of peoples in and around the world visiting OOTY
to enjoy the nature of hills and other places like flower Garden. I had been there for my
Honey Moon.

You can communicate with other countries people, when you communicate with all, definetly your fluency as well as writing skill will improve. The ETS is not only improve your English but also improve world wide knowledge.

I hope that you will make use of this opportunity in proper way and benefit of your knowledge in English.

Wish you very Good Luck

Thank You


Hi all!
We spent the last June in Europe. The first couple of weeks, while we were staying at my aunt’s on the north-west of Germany, were in fact quite sedentary, though we did go for a few short trips to Bruxelles, Cologne, and some other places nearby. The other two weeks were rather different, I’d even say hectic. We made for Vienna, Salzburg, Cesky Krumlov and, at last, Prague. In each destination we left the hotels right after breakfast and returned by night (a couple of times by dawn). Thank God, our 6-years-old kid endured it all admirably. Surely each of these places has lots of attractions and deserves to be visited, but Cesky Krumlov… It’s just a fairy tale! Especially if you happen to be there in a period from 21st to 23rd June because it’s time of a local festival. The whole town center becomes a scene of events such as knights’ tourneys, night processions with torches and drums, various concerts and show programmes. Many locals ply the streets dressed in medieval costumes and all of this on the background of really beautiful medieval architecture. I think that a good deal of our more than 5000 pictures were taken there. And as a culmination of the celebration there was a breathtaking firework accompanied by classical music. I’ll hardly ever forget it. So when we came home I had the only regret that I didn’t have another week of vacation to spend it in some Turkey hotel or just in bed to give some relaxation to my poor exhausted legs :wink:

This summer I went to Germany and Croatia, with my sister and our best friends. I can tell it was a dreamy holiday. Everything was wonderful and I’ll tell you why.

Croatia is so beautiful, that words are too poor to describe it. I was enchanted of so much beauty – made by nature and by man power also. It was my first time there.

We stayed in Opatija but we visited other places also, for example Rijeka – a big city built on a mountain slope, with old and also new buildings and impressive cathedrals; there’s an old castle on top of the mountain, “Trsat castle”, from where we admired the whole city and the sea – beautiful scenery.
We took a lot of pictures. This is Opatija:

We also spent a day on the biggest island named Krk, where we visited two little beach-towns with pretty hotels and villas; we crossed a huge bridge to get there, and all the way, the scenery was breath-taking, with incredible viaducts and serpentines.

Another day we visited the city named Pula (or Pola); on the way, we crossed some tunnels (one was about 9 km long) and again viaducts and serpentines; in Pula we visited the impressive Colosseum and the pretty center of the city which was full of tourists, we bought souvenirs, walked, took pictures, ate something, so we had a very good time till evening when we returned home.
Here is the Colosseum:

The Seaside Promenade in Opatija is another one of my best memories from there, because walking along the sea coast was so good and interesting and it seamed to be endless, because we didn’t reach the ending point, although we wanted that; we should have continued another day, but the time ran fast and two weeks just flew like a second and we had to leave. But Croatia is already in our plans for the next summer vacation.

In Germany we stayed in Landshut, a pretty town with a middle-age history and we were lucky to see part of a traditional festival: Landshuter Hochzeit: we saw people wearing middle-age-style costumes and acrobats who showed us the entertainment means of that old time:

One day we visited Munich, it was my first time there, and I was enchanted again by its architecture and by everything I saw there; 10 hours were … let’say … enough to visit the beautiful center of the city, but how about the rest? so it’s in my plans for next year.
Here is Marienplatz, in Munich:

This was my dreamy vacation, which made me richer with about 1500 photos and with much more things to think at, with a great pleasure.


Hi Monica,
did you remember me?

I am very glad that you visit Croatia, and had that great memories. The Croatia bordered with my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
I also spent my holiday there, in first part of July. I stay in Srebreno, apart 4 kilometers from Dubrovnik. I fall in love in Dubrovnik. Visited also Cavtat and some wild beaches… It’s a great experience.


Of course, Ivana, I remember you and I’m happy to see you again here on the Forum.

Like you, I went there on the first part of July and me too, I fell in love with all the places I saw in Croatia; I’d like to visit Dubrovnic also, and Plitvice and many other places. We planned to go back next year.

I want to tell you that every time I asked for information or guidance in Croatia, I asked in English and I got my needed answers in English, promptly, every time: from clerks, sellers, bus drivers, anyone, so Croatian people can speak English and this in very comforting: I know I can’t get lost there.

I remember you sent me a beautiful song last spring – see that I didn’t forget you?
I’d like to hear from you more often.

See you,


I remember everyone also, just I don’t have free time like before.
I like summer as you also said in some post. And a lot of time spend outdoors…

These days I begin to make winter stores.

I can recommend your accommodation near the Dubrovnik, it is very cheep… (if you want you can send me p.m.). There I met some people from Poland.
As you know, I understand Croatian, because we speak the same language, just with little difference, but people around me were from around the world, so I use English also. It is a great experience. I spoke with people from England, also. It is my first time to speak eyes to eyes…

Talk to you soon,

It’s nice reading your stories. Interesting!

Dear Ivana,

It’s cool that you did a little English practice with people from England. Was it difficult?
I planned to go to England next year – Oh dear, I’d like to go here and there, in seven places at once if possible. But it’s not possible, so I’ll have some hard decisions to make next year. Complicated!

See you,

Hi, Noren

If you enjoyed my stories too, thank you.
Anyway, have you had a vacation too? Or not yet?
What are you doing this summer?

See you,

dear Monica28
I saw the pictures in your topic and I’m really interested to visit that place .thanks
p.s. I like this sentences ““Anything becomes interesting if you look at it long enough” - Gustave Flaubert”

Hi Raz

I want to appreciate your interest in learning English, since you have made some mistakes like me that I like. I like the people those who made/makes mistakes, other
wise,How to imprve ourselves?. Please see some of photographs which I took when we
visited the place of Harithwar.

Hi Noren,
nice to meet you, again. How are things with you?

I will share some pictures with you:

Hi Monica,
It’s my pleasure to receive your message. Well, I didn’t go to any place on vacation. Actually, I am not going anywhere this summer vacation. I can’t afford to travel abroad.
Thanks a lot once again for writing to me.

Hi Ivana,
Nice to meet you too after a long time. By the grace of God, I am alive. What about you? Thank you very much for sharing the picture. What’s the name of this place? It’s very beautiful.

Keep in touch.


Like I said to Monica, I have been in Croatia. This is old Sity of Dubrovnic.

Hi Ivana,
Thanks for the reply. The pictures you have posted here are beautiful.
You have written “This is old Sity of Dubrovnic.” Do you actually mean “Sity”? Or city? Just curious.