Where can I find high difficulty GRE questions?

I have trouble studying because i find that most of the questions are ridiculously easy. I want to just work on problems that would differentiate between a 700-800. As it is, I feel like I’m wasting my time on a lot of the problems I work.

Edit: i mostly meant for the math section


with permutations and combinations. Nice problems. Will not be so easy even for you

If you get ETS’s book of actual, paper-based GRE tests, it has many questions that are the very hardest you would actually encounter on the GRE. The paper-based quantitative sections are arranged–more or less–from easiest to hardest, so if you just do the last third of the problems in each quantitative section you will usually be doing the most difficult problems. The book also has the answers at the end of each test and it will actually tell you what difficulty level it is considered to be.

Lots more free GRE tips can be found here.

you can also look at gmat math questions. gmat math is a bit harder than gre math, so it will get you thinking more. you can find some on the gmat website, or even here: gmatgremath.blogspot.com, or get a gmat math book. you might also try some kaplan material, people say that’s harder than barrons or princeton review.

Are you getting high math scores on all the gre practice tests that you take? well, good job.

If it’s about gre questions or full length tests, check this out.


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May be you are too smart for GRE :lol:
You should take GRE now.
Try ETS Powerprep
Also www.missiongre.com has good questions.