Where are you spending the summer?


So where are you spending the summer months this year? Are you somewhere abroad or just working nonstop at home? As for me, I’m on this this small island :-).


Looks very similar to my island)


It absolutely does :slight_smile:




HELLO Everyone,
Happy to meet you all after a long gap. I have not gone anywhere for spending summer since I have some personal problem at my house. The above picture seems to be so amazing, is it sea shore or river.


Which of the two do you mean ;-)?


Hi Torsten,

Didn’t quite catch that word you said beginning with ‘W’. Could you repeat it please. Tried to record this message but no joy.








Hello Natali and Torsten have a great time ))


Hi Yana, you too have a great time over there in Krasnoyarsk and thank you very much for sharing your experiences and ideas with us.


Greetings from my island again :slight_smile:


Greetings from Hollywood…