Where are you from?


Hello, everyone!
I’m Sergey. I was born and raised in Ukraine but in 1995 my family and I moved to Israel.
Sometimes I wonder which of these two such different countries I love more, and I conclude that I love a both of them equally.
My mother tongue is Russian, the second language is Hebrew, I also speak fluency in Ukrainian.
Israel is the birthplace of three religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In this small country can often be seen synagogue next door to the mosque and the church.
I would like to the people as well as their temples. live in peace and good neighborliness.


hi Sergey, i’m Long in Vietnam and i saw you sometimes in this forum in Toiec test


Hi everybody,
Maybe I am a new member in this forum. I’m Long and I live in Hanoi, Vietnam. I really want to communicate with many friend in other coutries. My facebook is Long ThanhLong. If you have a chance to visit Hanoi in Vietnam,please call me . I think i will be a tourist guider for you.


Hi! I’m a new member too. welcome!


Hi, long!
I’ve heard many interesting stories about your country.
I know about a war between Vietnam and USA.
I remember when I was a child, it was in eightieth of previous century, I had a pair of beautiful sport shoes from Vietnam. Almost every child in the Soviet Union dreamed of such shoes.
What do you do? What happens in your country today?

I look forward for your answer.



I liked your story. And I learned many interesting about your country from your message.
Thank you!


I really sorry about my lateness. Because in this time, I am trying to pass over qualified recruitment. I have no time to chat with you. Do have gmail or facebook? I think the best way to chat together by using gmail. By the way, my gmail is buithanhlong26@gmail.com. I’m looking foward to seeing you. See you then. Bye!


You might want to reconsider posting your e-mail address on the forums. Please read this:
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Hi every body,
I’m from IRAN , the land of civilization and culture , with full of love and intimacy , which is one of the independent countries in middle east. it experiences all of four season every year with high potential of fruits and vegetables productions.to make long story short , IRAN is good country


hello everybody!
i am Duyen, i come from Vietnam. This is the first time i send message to forum. I am a student. My country is very beautiful and peaceful. I’m happy to know you.
With my thanks, Duyen