Where are you from?


Hi everyone,
I’m l01012011, I am from Vietnam. I live in Ho Chi Minh City. I learn Accounting and auditing. Now, I am working as an Internal auditor in a Singapore - company. I learn English not good. I must write report every week in English. So, I try to improve my English skill to do work well.


I am from Bulgaria. I am living in Varna, it is called the sea capital of Bulgaria and it is the best city to live there. I am learning English because I need it for my job or to find a job easier.

Best regards


Hello everybody! I think it is great to know people around the world and at the same time to practice english.
I’ from Bogota, Colombia a Country located in South America and Spanish is my native language. Now I’m living in United States. Here we can find many people speaking spanish and many other languages, but as English is the official language we have to speak it. For this reason I"m taking this useful course in order to improve my english.


My name is Vita, I’m from Russia.
I know that despite of the fact that my country is strong and big it has wild publiс image or something like that.
I don’t mind any political and traditional opinion concerning spirits of the countries because people are mostly too far away from all these things. I mean we are different but we are the people.
What I can tell you about my country?
It is big and it’s so various. I leave in european part and can tell you only about it.
We live in big houses but every free day try to touch a part of our nature.
Our forests are light green in summer. Path is thin and passes throught a fern. Pines are tall and make you look into the blue sky. The moss of different colours there ceps grow. Aspens and maples are crimson in autumn and the air is cool. Leaves become brighter because of the rain. The first freeze makes the grass white. In winter trees are heavy under the snow and sometimes branches are covered by ice. It is a pleasure to walk among snowdrifts carrying the sladge with your kinder because you both know that there is a hight slide not far away and the fun is near. Strong hot tea waits you at home. Sometines this winter is boring but you know that the spring is near and you try to cheer up by flower for March holiday of visiting your friends. Later the spring comes with flowered bird cherry trees and dandelions that mean the end of the cold days. The summer comes and swallows start fly above the rivers as they do it every year for many thousands of years…


Hello everyone,
Sometimes I ask myself whether writing in this forum can lead me to be expert in -at least-writing in english or not?!
The reason for this suspition is becouse finding a person who can be patient enough to correct your mistakes isnot very easy!!
Sometimes ago I tried to take part in some english educational centers in place where I live.

The examiner after the test looked at me and said to me with a helpful voice slowly and secretly: it is better for you to study english by yourself!!!

However I see this website very complete and satisfying and I add it to my favourite bar and the individual style of my studying!


Hi Masmori,

It’s ridiculous that the examiner’s advice to anyone would be that it is better to study a language by yourself!
P{lease ignore him. He obviously does not really understand how language is acquired.


The city where I live is divided into two western and eastern parts.
In fact one of the longest rivers of the world passes all through the city and makes this division .
The river originates from a chain of mountains and peters out into the deserts and gulf.
Most of the year it is hot and humid.
It is springy during the winter and suitable for trip!
According to the condition of climate in this region,date trees grow very well here.
Date is one of the main exports of this region.
Furthermore,the region is located over vast oil rich lands.
Despite of this,the city is afflicted by low facilities.


Hi everyone,

So interesting to know each other from different countries, isn’t it?

For sure, I would like to have more friends worldwide as well. So it’s a good time for us to get to know each other. But, I would like to introduce myself first. I am from Cambodia, and I am 22 years old. Currently, I’m studying at University of South-East Asia, and at the meantime, i’m also studying at ACE General English Program. In addition, beside the point of 3 years experience in hotel, now i’m teaching at an organization called JWOC as a volunteer.

i’m really interested in Shin’s learning style as his habit is similar to me, because i also like learning English through watching TV and news as we not only practice our listening skill but we also understand about the information around the world and enjoy the movies.

Welcome to be your friend,



I am from Iran.
I live in southwestern part of my country.
The country is divided into two northern and southern parts on the basis of their climate.While the northern part is snowy and wet,the other part has springy days.
Conversely,scorching days in southern regions is accompanied to springy weather in the north.


I’m from India


Hi Vita6,

Wish you a “Happy & Prosperous New Year 2013”. Do you remember me or not?
I am Shanthisethuraman from India, you met me on the forum in private message.
How is your family?, How is your son? Are you playing with him at home? Have you put
him in the play school, so that you can be free, or you are teaching/coaching him
rhymes at home. How do you spend time with him?

I haven’t seen you on the forum for ages. Why don’t you spend some time here?
Your English is very good, I think you must have lot of pen friends to chat with you
that is why you haven’t turned up here. Any way I returned from my native place,
I went and saw my parents, they are fine by God’s grace. I would rather meet you
on the forum than private message.

My Best wishes to you & your family, (yr child)

Thank you



I’m from Serbia. I live in Novi Sad, the capital town of Vojvodina, and the home of EXIT Music Festival.


Hello,mMr. Torsten
I Saidu i’m living here in northen Nigeria. I greatly enjoy the english class i h’ve been in the forum since August’012
Best regards.


Hello Torsten!
I am from Brazil and I am so happy to improve my english throught your site.

Best Regards,
Julianna Santos


Hi Julianna, how are you ?

I,m from Brazil as well. São Paulo…what city do you live in ? Nice to meet you.


Hello Julianna, welcome to our forum. Please note that the word English is always capitalized :wink: Regards, Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Welding[YSaerTTEW443543]


Hi Everybody!
I would like to tell to you where I am. I am from Myanmar(Burma). I think most of you don’t know my country.
I use this forum for improving my english skill. Please help to me all of you!


Hello my friend!
my name is Sepideh and I am from Iran. I think that you are right! different country has different culture and it is really interesting to know about other people around the world.


Hi everyone Good evening
Where I came from and where I am now are two different questions for me. I was born in Poland in Wroclaw. In large multicultural city.
After 25 years I left to the UK. After a few removals currently live in Nottingham. Although I am abroad for over 5 years I still have huge
problems with fluency. I’m not a brilliant linguist :slight_smile: Community, correspondence and motivation must give results! Regards


Hello Cervie, it is nice to hear that you live in Varna in the capital of the sea. We were three times in Bulgaria, first: in Sophia and in Burgas second times my husband had been driving all night and we arrived in Varna at dusk. Varna was still sleeping and our children also in our car. We went to the seashore and enjoyed the sunrise. It was admirable. We were sitting on the pebbles and once a pebble had been suspect to my husband. He didn’t see the pebble, but with his hand he felt this isn’t a pebble. His hands were behind him and leant back on the pebbles. This stone was a neolithic flint tool.After we went Burgas and Nesebar . And returning to Hungary we visited the cloister of Rila, in the mountain of Rila. We loved very much the Bulgarian seashore.It is beautiful!!!

Nice to meet you.