Where are you from?


hi friends

i born in small town of pakistan called okara, i complete my basic education from their, and right now i am in jordan for my job.


iam from yemen.my name is fawzia.bec.of the problem of elecrity in my country so commucivation is so hard.i like english.i join an american english institue here in yemen.i want to take ibt toefl for my post gradrate studies in asha allah.

so it’s interesting to meet here juys.

thanks a million to all of u and especially to t.torson .

have a nice day.
bye bye


Hi my name is Michael Jim Timosa. I live in the Philippines. I want to brush up my English communication skills because I want to apply for a job position in the call center industry here. The call center industry here is booming and there are lots of position available, one of the most important qualification is to have good to excellent English communication skills. I’m not confident with my spoken English so I need to practice it and learn new words and phrases so that I could effectively express myself and convey my ideas. I just discovered that I have a hidden passion to learn the English language. Thanks to english-test.net I am making progress.


Hello everybody!
My name is Barbara and I’m from Italy (exactly in the south of Italy).
I’m 36 years old, I’m married and I’ve three beautiful kids. I live near a sea site and near many historical location. I love my country very much and I’m very happy to write about it with you.
Bye bye!!


Hi, I am Bipin and I am preparing for toefl and I am here to increase fluency in English language. I need speaking practice.Anybody can contact me on skype" bipin.amin5" to increase fluency in English. I am form India and now living in US. I have two kids and lovely wife.


Hello everyone,
My name is Emily, I am from Turkey. I would like to learn more about other countries and languages so,I decided to start with English which is the most popular and more spoken language in the world. Here I am and trying to learn from others’ experiences.
I found this website while I was searching for the web-sites to improve my written English and very happy to be here.


Sadly I did’t manage to read all the replies… anyway it’s nice to meet all of you!
I’m from Poland and I learn English from a very long time but unfortunately i don’t speak very well :wink:


this is taybe. Im 27, from Iran. first of all I appreciate torsten and his lovely colleagues. I really love this torsten style for learning english. i,ve tried many ways to study english and every way had its profits, but I think this way is more holistic and more usefull than any way because of the fortune we have to communicate with each other and with native coachs.


Dear Taybe, thank you very much for your positive feedback. Judging by your forum messages, your English already seems to be very good. You can improve it even further if you start using a browser that comes with an integrated spell checker such as Chrome or Firefox. For example, please check the spelling of these words: English, useful, “I’ve”. Other than that, you are on the right track. By the way, where in Iran do you live and what do you do?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi , I’m elaide , I’m from algeria . I want to be a friend with all of you ,and I hope to improve my english


I have posted a lot of topics, may be Bee now is the one who … has already known about my exist in this forum! Uhmm. I’m Thien, but you can also call me Fouryz, my Latin name, or Zhu Shjen, my Chinese name, I’m 17 years old and I come from VietNam, a very beautiful and wonderful country. You maybe have heard about Ha Long Bay, one of the 7 wonders of the world. It’s pity for me because i have never traveled there. It costs a lot of money. It’s in the North of our country and I live in the opposite, But my place, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc, is still a great place to live. There’re buffaloes in the immense paddle field, there is a Thac Dung, where water falls down and full the air with faint rainbow-light, there 's field where we usually played everything in it, and together danced in the rain! I maybe not have enough words to write down all my love for my country! But i love it very much! One day, i will have to leave here, there’re no more kites and no more dikes! BUt still, in my heart, there’s always a place for it to live on!


Hello, I am Dai,Xiao, a Chinese. I just wonder why do you have a Chinese name. Did many Vietnamese have Chinese name?


It’s really nice to see here a lot of people from around the world.
By the way, I am from Bangladesh and I am preparing myself to study in Australia next year. For that, I am taking IELTS course work in British Council. The scenario of the classes of British Council in Bangladesh is not a satisfactory level. I have attended just a few classes, therefore I may be wrong. I need a good band score. I want to talk to the native English speakers. Please tell me how could we arrange speaking/talking sessions on the net.


Hi everybody
I come from Vietnam, i was born in small village where not far from Hanoi capital of Vietnam. i am happy to join with you today, and i will show you something about my country side. You can come to my country side from Hanoi capital by Bus, motorbike, you will spend 2 hour when you use the bus. you must spend 25 thousand Vietnam dong for one ticket. when you visit my country side you can see something about the farmer and farm and you can go to the market, pagoda, and special place, something like that.
i am not usually go to my country because i live in Hanoi capital. Do you know, when i am typing this word, i remember my home so much.


Hi. can i contact you ?


You can contact us through the forum here.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I live in Awka, Anambra State of Nigeria.


Hi Gebuka, welcome to the forum. What do you do in Awka?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi, everybody!
I am so happy I finally log in to forum. It was really not so simple, but thanks a lot to Torsten, who helped me and even when I lost any hope fixed everything. Now I can visit the forum and write about everything I want.
Thank you again. I am so happy now


So what about me?

I am 23 year-old guy from IRAN .
you guys have a good skill in english but about me i started learning english 3 month ago professionally because i found that without english i can not comunicate with other people also there are other reasons that i do not talk about them right now.
I can not visit the forum regularly So maybe you miss me.
I am kidding any way I like know about different cultures , different thoughts and so on.
By the way I think it is lucrative to use idioms in our writing because idioms promots
our normal text to an amazing form .
For some of you it a piece of a cake and for other guys it is hard to deal with it.