Where are you from?


Dear Torsten !
Hi and thank you for helping us to learn English it s great help for us this time I will
thank again for your letter that you want to introduce myself for others
I am retired aeronautical engineer form Syria I live in Damascus I learned in Russia
I know Russia language very good I have family with three kids
I am so excited to study English with you
Bye Bassam1


Dear Torsten !
Hi I would thank again for helping us to learn English and for your beautiful thoughts my name is Bassam I am retired aeronautical Engineer I live in Damascus Syria I learned in Russia I have family wife and three children I would say hello to your team and all learners at your website and I will do my best to you if I can
Bye best regards


I born , live and make my living in Indonesia.In my travelling experience I realize that

not many people know Indonesia they know more Bali island,in fact it is only a small part

of my country.Currently I live in Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia,the biggest town in

my country, I practice as a Lung Pulmonologist in hospital as Consultant,so in case you

need some advise if you have Respiratory problem of your health don’t hesitate to

contact me.My country is very big and heavily populated , number five in the amount of

population in the world.Many interesting places mountain,lake ,old heritages, historical

places,if you need more information whenever you have planning to visit my country

you can contact me

Bye bye


Hi Dear,

I am From Karachi- Pakistan.
I always want to discuss about my tradition, Culture, Social Structure, Living Style, Human Needs and Resources etc, with other friends from other country. when I red your this massage, got excitement… now I could write something and will have chance to know about somewhere happening.

I hope You can understand my desires.

Would you like to be my pan pale ? being your friend will be huge pleasure for me.


Mustafa Soomro


Hi Dear,

I am Also looking some like you, who want to improve their linguistic on internet messenger. we can talk if you are agree.



Hello Torsten
Thank for your kindly attention and training method and attractive lessons.
I 'm from Iran and live in Tehran
I 'm software engineer and now managing a company as Managing Director.
I 'm 34 years old and like to have good conversation with all people around the world.

Dorood(in Persian means Best Regard)



Hello dear Torsten.
Hi everybody.
My name is Rana Hammaden.Iam 30 years old.
Iam from Sudan.But currently I live in Saudi Arabia.It is really a nice country.


hi everyone!
my name is mulyani and i’m from indonesia and now live in Malang.
I’m a student, currently studying agribusiness in Brawijaya University.
this year i’m 19 years old.
i hope in this forum, i can improve my english skill especially speaking skill and know about all my friends in this forum :slight_smile:


hello everybody, I am from Indonesia, South East Asia.
Nice to meet u.
I live in Jakarta, the capital city in Indonesia. I’m a civil servants (government employee).
I’m not using English in my daily life, but I speaks in Bahasa Indonesia.
So, I want to improve my skill in English.
I’m happy to join with this forum and I always waiting new email from this forum.
I hope everyday there will be a new lesson to make my english skill better, better, and better. :slight_smile:


Well, Hi everybody… I’m from México, one of the largest countries in Latin America, so my native language is Spanish, but I’m very interesting to learn English as second language, specially British English.

Since I found ETN I have improved my English skills very much and I found, as well, a very nice community that is like a Babel Tower, all joined arround to learn and get friends from all arround the world. I like it and make me feel connected with an amazing field of cultures and different ways to live.

I have taken several test and I feel more confident about to have conversations and read texts fluidly, anyway I keep getting troubles to understand people with different accents and slang… this is a handicap for me. But I guess it occurs with any strange language. Sometimes it’s hard to understand people that speak Spanish. hahahahaha.

Ok, I’m 42, I have a 20 y/o son, happily married and I work in our own musical studio recording voice and music for commercials and so.

Greeting to everyone from Mexico city!


It is very interesting. I am here from westbengal in India. my mother tongue is bengali.I want to learn english for knowing other people.


I’m from the largest country in the world - Russia.
I started to learn English 22 years ago at shcool. English is the most popular second language here, the second place belongs to German and French.
I beleive that the most interesting and easiest way to improve your foreign language is communication with native speakers, also listening to foreign songs and waching movies. I aslo found out that foreign teachers can explain the rules and some aspects of english better than my native ones.
I have big troubles with articles and phrasal verbs (may be you have already noticed it) and you’ll be able to find me on the apptopriate pages soon. It is because we have not analogues in russian.
I’m very glad to meet such different people here who wants to get knowledges as well as I do.
I’d like to find e-mail friend here. So, If you are not afraid of bears and wolves from our forests :)) you are wellcome.


Hi, I’m Nining. I’m From west sumatera Indonesia. I want to improve my english.


Hi, i’m khalid. I’m from Dhaka,Bangladesh. It is a independent and developing country. Most of the people here are involved in agricultural activities. Though my country is small,it has different achievement that knows the world. We are the people of that country who only fought for their mother tongue ‘Bangla’ against Pakistani colonial in 1952 and got it as International Mother Language Day. This day is observed all over the world now a days. My first language is Bangla.
As a new forum writer i’m afraid of my writing but i am inspired when many members like me post message…


Hi…everybody. I’m from Indonesia. I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It’s a big city with dense population. Foreigners knows Bali more than Indonesia. Bali is one of beautiful cities in my country. Due to it’s beauty, Bali is always visited by a huge numbers of tourist, either domestic or foreigner. It’s well known as paradise of the world. You have to know that Bali isn’t the only one, we have a lot of fantastic tourism spots.
Our main language is Indonesian (mostly similar to Malay). But English has been taught as the second language in all schools, anyway. Therefore, I need to learn and learn this Language. Fortunately, I found this website as I was searching some English programs in internet. I love these programs very much. I don’t have much time, though. Hopefully, I also will be able to find friends from any countries that can share information about countries and cultures.



I am from Sikkim awhich lies in north eastern part of india.I am very fond of english language that is why I want to master it.I want to interact and know about other people’s culture also that is why I have joined this forum.goodevening to everyone.


Hi, I’m Brenda, just call me Bren. I am from Philippines. I like to learn Real English. Thank you so much for the lessons I’ve learned.

To all of the staff on this English net, God bless you more. More power.


Hi, I’m Brenda, just call me Bren. I am from Philippines. I like to learn Real English. Thank you so much for the lessons I’ve learned.

To all of the staff on this English net, God bless you more. More power.


I’m from Polis, Albania.
It has an area about 64 km^2 and about 6000 people who live there. My place is pretty different from any other place ever in world. It’s not much interesting, but it’s simply cool!


Hi everyone!

I’m from Brunei Darussalam, which is located on the Borneo Island in South East Asia.
It’s quite a small country, although not as small as Singapore, but still quite hard to see on most world maps.

I’m not very good at my geography, since I don’t like it so much, but I know that since my country’s located close to the equator, it’s not a seasonal country, but hot and wet all year round.

But I do love my english lessons. I just like to learn other languages especially those spoken in most countries.