Where are you from?


Hi everybody,
I’m from Italy and I would like to improve my English in order to communicate with people from other countries and, as everyone knows, English is the most used language. This summer I’m going to Helsinki and I’ll be on a tour towards the North of Finland. It will be very exiciting!!! I hope, at least!
Unfortunately I haven’t got enough time to spend on studying on line so I decided to buy a grammar on sale on this website. It was almost 2 months ago! The order was correct and the money was paid by my card, but I haven’t received anything yet. 2 weeks ago I sent an email to get some information about the order, but I had no reply. Why? I would like to know more. I’m looking forward to hearing from the responsible for sales. Thank you


Hi everybody,
I need some one to help me, pls help me, how can improve English?


Hi everybody I am from Uzbekistan. I am always glad to communicate with you and it is my facebook address bobur7771


Hi every body
I 'm from Iran and I would like to use English in my work and communicate with other people in all the world.
I can’t learn English such as students , So I want to speak with others in anywhere to improve my skill.


Hi everyone!
How have you been guys, I’m from Brazil and I live in Balneario Camboriu a small city that gets full of people at the summer season. I’m just happy to find a website like this and to have the opportunity to learn online.


Hi Axmed, you’re from somalia, how it is to live in somalia. You said that you need help, maybe I can help you.


Hi Axmed, i want listen about your country, can you tell me about your country?
Waiting reply from you… thank you.


Hello everybody,
I am from India.



I am from India. I have joined this forum because English is my second language and I want to improve both my written and oratory skills of the same. I am sure that with the guidance of the moderator and other members of this forum, I shall be able to achieve my goal in the near future.

With Kind Regards,



Hello.My name is Muhammad.My last name is Jomiev.I’m from Dushanbe the capital of Republic of Tajikistan.Our country is situated in the central Asia.Our neighbors are Afghanistan,Uzbekistan.Kirghistan and China.Our country is famous for its mountings because 93% of our ares are mountings . Some words about myself.I’m working for a company.I’m an IT engineer.I’m not married. I’ 24 years old.I’m strongly planing improve my English because I want to take my Master Degree for Computer Science.I hope i will do it because in this site I have many chances with kindest teachers and learners that are all ready to help me every time.Thanks a lot for those people who help us and join us in this forum.
with kindest regards.


Hello everybody, I just received the mail from my great teacher Torsten . My name is ataa Iam from Egypt . Iam studying at the American University in Cairo . Iam studying pre-medicine ( pre-medical track).It’s really exciting that I know all of you and be great freinds .I knew this site by chance when I was searching for someplace to help me in practicing listening. Hope to know all of you . Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi my dear teacher Torsten and all my friends in English test.
I’m from Iran and I live at the west of my country in a rather big city which name’s is Hamedan.

Last year I was studding my last English terms to the time. Those terms were a kind of preparation for my TOEFL exam. I’ve studied English for 7 years. When I started learning English, I was 10 years old, now I’m 18. I was able to finish it in a very shorter period of time. I could study 5 terms a year but I’ve studied just 2 term a year since last year. That’s why it lasted for 7 years. Last year I’ve started the advanced terms “TOEFL-reading, TOEFL-listening, TOEFL-speaking and TOEFL-writing” in an English institute. I was getting prepared for the TOEFL exam. Of course my teacher Mr. Dashti really helped me in this way but it wasn’t enough for getting a good score in exam. I needed someone beside myself even at home who could speak English fluently. I needed someone to practice with him/her 24 hours a day. But there was no one with this abilities around me. So I was looking for a site and very suddenly I found English-test. It was very useful for me cause I could read different writing topics and their corrections. I got lots of speaking topics and practice them.

After that I’ve participated in TOEFL exam and I got 99 out of 120. After my exam I didn’t registered the forum. And after a while I’ve got my English lessons from Torsten.
Dear Torsten now I’m getting prepared to enter the university. I want to study biomedical engineering in one of the best universities in Iran, so I was very busy during the time you’ve sent me mails. But I want to say that I’ve studied all your lessons and they were very good. Thanks for them. I’m happy to send this post after this long time.




as you asked that where i’m from, I’m from Iran and I learn english for mor than one year and it’s very exciting for me.

thanks for your very interesting website.



as you asked that where i’m from, I’m from Iran and I learn english for mor than one year and it’s very exciting for me.

thanks for your very interesting website.


Hi my friends

I’m from Iran and I really enjoy to learn english even everyday. it’s my favorite.


hi there,

I’m from the Philippines but presently working here in Saudi Arabia as stock controller in iron and steel company. I want to improve my english because I am a teacher by profession. before I worked here in Saudi I was in teaching in the Philippines from 2001 up to 2009, I teach various subjects like, physical education, basic photography, basic computer operation and English. Last 2009 up to March 2010 I was in Qyzylorda, Kazakhstan teaching English to high school students. My company had problem in renewing my visa the reason why I was sent back home.

Now I feel my English here in Saudi Arabia is deteriorating, most of my colleagues(Saudi, Indian & Filipino) are speaking non-standard English which I am now absorbing. If I will not find a way to brush up my English, I fear that one day I can no longer talk in straight English.

hope this is a great way for me to brush up and further improve my English…


I am from Czech Republic.
If someone want little talk in English via ICQ/MSN I am ready and I will glad for it.


Hi , I’m Zarnigor from Uzbekistan, Bukhara . I love English ! I’m a student of English philology . If someone want to be friend with me, I’ll be very glad ,pls contact to : zarnigor.djalolova@facebook.com
Great thanks for your useful website ! ! !


Hi everybody,
I am from Turkey.
i need to improve my speaking skill. If someone want little talk in English via msn I am ready and I will glad for it.


Hi everyone
I really like this site. I find it very useful to improve my English.
And I like the idea to share our background with others as for me
my name is Igal and I’m from Israel.
many thanks to Thorsan and all staf.
best regards