Where are you from?


hai… thank you so much for correcting me. i tried to remove my mail id but i couldn’t remove it. how can i remove it? you are right, we should avoid writing personal things to the forum.


Hello Sajeev,

I have removed the e-mail address from your previous message.


thank you…


Hello everyone, I am new comer in this forum. I found this site by chance. I feel grateful to have found it. I am from Indonesia where English is as a second language I hope through this forum I can improve my English. I would appreciate your time to correct my mistakes in English.

Peace and Love


Haha nice name! so “bitches brew” or “kind of blue”?


I’m come from Thailand.
Nice to meet you and to everyone.

My English skill is so bad. so I’m apologize if I use wrong English grammar.


Hi everybody,
i’m new member. I come from Viet Nam. I have problem the same everybody. I learned English more than ten years. But I can’t speak fluent English. I want to make friend with everybody. You contact with me by yahoo or skype. I want to improve English with you.
Thank you very much.
My name’s Anh.


Hi Toresten i received your messages and its really great reding it


I am from the Republic of South Ossetia(a little country in the south of Russia). You might have heard of it? My country was attacked by Georgia in 2008,August.


Im from iran
sometimes i wish i was born in europe or the united states but i suddenly remember that i have to thank god because of not being born in afghanistan or pakistan and i thik i would kill my self if i was born in saudi arabia
ofcourse i think being born and living in a country like iran is a wonder experience that Im sure none of those who live in very open countries or very closed countries will understand it. such a confusing experience that make you hesitant from the first


Hello Torsten Daerr

Many thanks for the lesson .Your test “REMOVE THE SPOON!” was not so difficult .It is easy if you apply your mind to it.I like it.I have a question.what is the difference between “caution” and “warn”?explain me please.


Learner’s Dictionary


hi everybody
Iam very happy to be among you.It is pleasure .I benefit a lot from you but let me introduce myself to you.Iam an english teacher from egypt cairo.Cairo is a big city ,nice people also kind.cairo has about large population estimated 20 million.It has alot of historical places like the pyramids and the egyptian museum in Tahrir Square in the centre of Cairo.I APPRECIATE YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND THANK YOU.


hello every one!
morning to all of you respectful teachers and excellency students.

My Name is Zakir Hussain, citizen of Kabul Afghanistan, working in a non-benefit International Organization as ERLU Assistant. i have been studying English since 2003 but unfortunately i don’t know why, i am not able to speak English fluently. i know lots of words, expressions, slang but i think all of them are useless for me. so, when i saw your English Online Course i decide to try this one also maybe this one can help me to speak fluently. i have been applying for many different Position but i did not get the position why because i was not able to explain my professional skills, experience, and education as well, that is why i have decided to try your Forum also.
the above line was all about my life here in Afghanistan. not all of them but a little bit about my work and reasons why i am here and want to improve my English Language Professionally.

hope you all have a nice day.


Hello guys!
I’m Greg (Grzesiek in my native language) and I’m from Poland. Something about me, so I have been learning English for 6 years but still It needs to be improved :slight_smile: Actually I think we should learn all the time especially when we wanna reach perfection (maybe too big word) and to me this website is a great tool to improve our language skills. If you have any questions about Poland simply let me know and I’ll try to answer it! GO Poland! (Euro 2012 is hosted by Poland and Ukraine)


Hello everybody,

My name is Rosario, I’m from La Paz, Bolivia in South America. Very beautiful country, quite different than most countries. One thing is that it’s a Mediterranean country. We lost our see in a war a long time ago with another country in S.A. it’s surrounded by mountains, plus you can see a white mountain that it’s supposed to be a volcano (we are not sure) La Paz, has become very modern, has casinos all over. People love to play cards and woman love to have a tee party very
often. I have learned English with a private teacher when I was very young, but that it did hep me a great deal when I came to the States. I came to the States because my fiance who was a pilot did have a tragic airplane, that took his life, very sad!
I was a very lucky girl that when I came to the states the third day I was already working as a secretary typist. I have learn typing and other subject to become a secretary, and I did become a very good bilingual secretary for a long time. Due to my mother’s illness I went back to my country to be next to my mom. I stay for a few years and that made my English rusty, I forgot mainly the spelling (what a shame) being a bilingual secretary in the USA, and now starting all over again, well that it’s life. It’s has it’s ups and downs.
I’ll be more than happy to meet the students here and exchanges our ideas.
I look forward to hearing from any of you and of course from our teacher Mr. Torsten,




I’m sorry, but I can’t let your hear my voice, because I have told you that I don’t
have the equipment. I’m very sorry. Is that why I don’t get like the other student next to their photo, it says: answer - quote
next to my photo says: record - edit in front of: record there is a red line to record my voice, but it can’t be done I’m sorry

I feel very disappointed,



Hi Rosario,

The reason you don’t see the record button next to other messages is because you cannot record on someone else’s message.
Your own messages will look slightly different to everyone elses’s but it’s the same for all of us.
I see answer and quote next to your posts, but not next to mine.
I see the ‘record’ button next to my posts, but not next to yours.


Hey there! How are you all? Anyone is interested in helping me with my english?


Hello Addy. Welcome to the forums.

When you set out a direct question the word order of the verb/subject is usually reversed, and ‘English’ is always written with a capital letter, so your last sentence should read:
Is anyone interested in helping me with my English?