Where are you from?


Yes, I heard lot about your country for Vietnam War!! and your people are greatly fight with strong american army. And also i have seen a that famous War photo (Children s were running before the army guard, mainly one girl).



Hi everbody. I’m very excellent to get your information. I’m from VietNam. It isn’t a rich country. I’m live in Ha Noi capital. I always get traffic jams in the rush hours from 5pm to 7pm. I hope new president can improve this problem. In other cities, traffic and nature is very good. My country is one of the countries which export rice with large number. My country has shape like S character


ohh so interesting


am from zion a sign to Ghana


Hello every body,
I,m mehdad from Iran.I live in Tehran , metropolis of Iran. Here is good place for people who wants learn English as well Also like to have new friends and new correlation in the world.Here is safe place, Whenever I like to add in my skills English I come here.


hi i’m from US and happy living with my family:P…glad i joined this forum the topics are really interesting


Hi everyone,

My name is Julius Estella from the Philippines. I am an English Teacher, but I still need some improvement. I was able to teach many levels. Hope you can visit oour country. :wink:


Hello Julius,

I send to you this song. This is a Hungarian singer in a song competition. You can see the face of jury that everybody was very surprised from this beautiful soprano voice. I think of you as you said what you said. The people said: One of the most beautiful sound I ever heard. And I agree with this opinion.
He sings the tune of Once upon a Time in the West, American film was. You probably didn’t see this film which at his time was one of the very appreciated films.
Here the song:
youtube.com/watch?v=u5iCdqKl … re=related



Hello Kati,

Thank you so much for this link. I have not watched it yet, because here in our office everything is blocked aside from English sites like our forum. I will watch it on the weekend :wink:
I am in to music as well. I know I will like it.

I used to watch Talent Shows on Youtube before. Do you know SUSAN BOYLE who sung I Dreamed a Dream? I had goosebumps when I watched her performance in the British Got Talent.

Here in the Philippines, we have Charice Pempengco who sung And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going uploaded in youtube. Everyone was able to watch her video until Oprah Winfrey’s and Ellen DeGeneres saw her performance and invited her to visit their shows :wink:

I wish I could sing like them. hahaha

What about you Kati, Is singing is one of your hobbies too?

Godspeed :wink:


Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friend. :wink:

( If I commit mistakes, will you correct me? )


Hi Julius,

People don’t commit mistakes, they commit crimes.

“If I make mistakes…”

Here are a couple of corrections:

I am into music (In this context music is one word).

I used to watch talent shows on Youtube. (no ‘before’)

…her performance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’


Dear Julius,

I have to say that I changed my photo because you changed yours.
When I say that your style is like a native this isn’t compliment this is the truth. I read lot and I enjoy your style, and your correct syntax. This is the most important, the others not.
Unfortunately I don’t have good song-voice ( I don’t know the English expression) but I like sing those songs what I like. I like very much the nursery songs. Today my grandson played to me his favourite song. It was beautiful ( !!! )and I asked who wrote its music. He couldn’t answer and he saw it and it was Bach.I don’t know SUSAN BOYLE but if you got goosebumps (it is a new word for me) when you listened her performance I won’t see her .

Many thanks for your letter.

Take care:

  1. OMG! I have used this phrase in my daily remarks : “commit mistakes”

  2. I don’t understand this one I am into music (In this context music is one word).

  3. I see. I really have to work on my prepositions. :wink:

Thank you so much Beeesneees.


Hello Kati,

At first, It was hard for me to decide if I could post my photo again here in the forum, because I was able to reveal the real me. Who am I and What am I. hahaha… However, I love challenges and I think this can be a big challenge for me.

I am happy to know that I could help you improve your vocabulary by expressing ourselves here in the forum. :wink:

I had no chance to memorize any nursery rhymes. My memory is really poor when it comes to those kinds of songs. :wink: senior moment ?



Take a look at this:

In your sentence
I am into music
the prepositional phrase is ‘into + music’


Hello Mentor Beeesneees,

Thank you so much again. :wink:

Is " I am into music " wrong? what is the correct one?

:frowning: I really can’t figure out my mistakes… so sorry



Hi Julius,

The correction is ‘into’ instead of ‘in to’. In other words ‘into’ is written as one word when it means ‘interested in.’ I am into music means I like listening to music, I am interested in it.



Ahh. I see.

I thought I made a mistake with that sentence. Thank you so much for further explanation Mentor Alan. :wink:




hai… My name is Sajeev. My native is India. I am working as an electrical engineer in Kuwait. After joining this site,i got too much things. Really this site helps me a lot. Also i would like to make good friendship from all over the world.
<email removed at member’s request>
this is my email. I like to chat, email, speak with all people. Iam ready to communicate with everybody.


I’m from Colombia, I study translation in Medellin, one of the biggest cities in this country. I’m not working right now, but I’m trying to get a job, unfortunately that is really hard here because unemployment is very high and almost all jobs have to be full tim, and you know how hard it is to study and work full time, dont’ you?


Hello Sajeev,

Please ask to have your email address removed; it is not wise to have personal details on the web. People can overload you with spam in the best scenario.

After posting several messages in the forum, you can chat privately via a PM (personal message)

“After joining this site,i got too much things.”= “After joining this site, I am receiving many things.”

I hope you make many new friends here on the site; here is a link to a thread where you can meet people via skype.

Good luck and regards from Mexico