Where are Amy's cats now?

Hi, Amy

[color=red]It just struck me to ask you about the current status of your cats.Did you bring thm to the USA with you? How? Or …


PS: Is the red phrase correct?

Thanks for asking, Tom. It would be more typical to say something like this:
“It just struck me that I haven’t asked about …”

Yes, the cats traveled with me on the same flight. They each had to have their own “pet passport” (official documents that look quite similar to my passport!) and they flew in a special section of the cargo area.

They have settled in very nicely – despite the fact that I’m still at my sister’s house and there are two other cats as well as a Bassett Hound here. The dog chases the cats – sort of. The dog can’t run all that fast with his stubby little legs, so the cats basically only have to walk quickly to escape him. :lol: It took my cats a little while to realize this, but they’ve got his number now.



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The other day in a town in Eastern England a Tom and Jerry show took place for real. A cat managed to corner a mouse in a glass jar but then discovered that it couldn’t get its head out of the jar and was left staring at the quivering mouse at the other end of the jar. A passing motorist, obviously a caring animal lover, stopped and took the jar + cat + mouse to a police station. The desk sergeant was wondering what to do when the cat, clearly thoroughly fed up with the whole situation, smashed the jar on the floor, released itself and the police report that Jerry is now on the run.


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