Where 13 years old child can take SAT prep courses in USA? Please, help!

We are interested in applying for SAT prep course, preferrably in CA, that are available for international students. And the period of study is from 5 weeks and longer. Could you, please, recommend best SAT courses for children of this age?

Thank you!

HI ganna. I’m Testmasterworks. You could email me at perry_feng@hotmail.com I know a good SAT prep course for you. It’s called Test masters. Use my coupon on testmasters.com and you could save $25 on any course you take. SAT/PSAT/MCAT/LSAT and on. And you live in California right? There is a testmasters there. Good luck. The coupon number is 0177395238. It’s 18 days with 3 days a week over a 6 week period. So…That’ll fit your schedule. And just like me, I went to Testmasters when I was 14 years old and I was the youngest one in class. As you can see, you would be the youngest in ur class too. So…Happy SAT days.

Wow, I wish I started preparing for the SAT when I was 13. I didn’t even worry about this test until this July
Anyhow… Well, I don’t know any in California. But you can look up some interesting programs online. Collegeboard has online program for like $60. And plenty of other free websites have tests to take. Just look them up on Google.