Whenever I have the chance I bang on about Shakespeare, sing his praises...


Whenever I have the chance I bang on about Shakespeare, sing his praises, quote from him, generally can’t really get over him because what he wrote leaves me wondering why I even bother to write anything because blow me he’s already said it a thousand times better than I ever could or can. You can’t say anything without tripping over some phrase or description he’s already uttered. He’s just a giant.

But then I wonder what other people think of him. I have to confess that poor old Bill was rammed down my throat when I was at school and we had to go to see him played at theatres on school outings, I won’t say performed that’s far too gracious a way of describing it, but rather perpetrated by some of the worst god awful ‘actors’ you ever did see. As a result I came late to Shakespeare and I do mean late because I had to rid my brain of all the mental bullying I had had to encounter when I first caught him in the classroom.

So I ask in all humility; What do you think of Shakespeare?


Hi Alan,
I like Shakespeare although not as much as you do.
He was great in his own time.
If Mozart was around lately he could be a DJ.
If David Copperfield had been born two thousand years ago, he wouldn’t have been called a magican.:slight_smile:
You think of something and realize that Shakespeare already wrote it down the way like people were talking in those times.You should write a lot then, who knows what people will think of YOU a hundred years from now.:slight_smile:
Anyway, my problem isn’t this with Shakespeare. First of all he should have taken some wovels off his last name, I’m still not sure if I spelled him right. :slight_smile:
I don’t like those guys who think of themselves as over sophisticated culture men just because they fought themselves through some of his novels. They’ve never even read a book from any other classic writers let alone knowing their names, but they talk like: “You know when Shakespeare says blablabla”
I love Orvell’s 1984 but I won’t talk about it on parties.
Whenever I hear Shakespeare or Orvell’s name from someone I think of them as an idiot wants to look smart.
I don’t want to insult anyone who really likes those great writers, but I think it’s obvious to all of you :slight_smile: