When you stop being a child

Someone said,“One stops being a child when one realizes that telling one’s troubles does not make things better.” Do you agree?

do you really believe in that?
I’m sorry, but where do you live?
In Uzbekistan we have friends who will help in any situation.

Ya I some how agree to that, but I guess even elders have to share their worries, because its hard to keep things to your self, you will suffocate then…

Hi Kysoft,
You sounded as if you were worried about my environment. I must assure you, it’s OK with me, people are mostly friendly here.
The message (a divisive one, for sure) was really not about stating my position, but to hear those voicing their views and sharing their experiences. I hope somebody will elaborate.

Eugene: May I know what’s the difference between, …stop being a child…, and…stop being childish…Thanks in advance.

I agree…
But at the same time Eugene someone else just as smart said - “a problem shared is a problem halved.”

People share things to others, they might get a such of “chatarsis” (emotional release)…by sharing their problems, at least it can minimize burden in the heart.

Pipii wrote:“Eugene: May I know what’s the difference between, …stop being a child…, and…stop being childish…Thanks in advance.”
Hi Pipiii,
Sorry to have kept you waiting. I think, you stop being a child when you are able to make really big decisions, realising they may complicate your life. In another words, take full responsibility for whatever you do.
Stop being childish… well, it’s more about behaviour. You may act like a child, get sulky or play pranks, and then all of a sudden get serious and say reasonable things.

To Jamie:
Yes, I agree that sharing a problem may lead to its solution. The point is, you must think the problem over yourself, try to find a way out and only then share it/or not with those you trust.

Well Eugene I think at the end of the day you could also say “the child is always in us” and that we merely become smarter/more aware and make our interface with the world somewhat more sophisticated.(or is that to heavy)

“The child is always in us” - yes, I think, blessed are those who could say that. Permanent seriousness is an overdose.