When the airplane was crashing, this is what the pilot and passengers would be going through/ please help

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The sentence is the title:

Am I right that ’would be going through’ is used here to refer to what was very likely

Can you also say:

When an airplane crashes, this is what the pilot and the passengers would be going through?

‘Would be going through’ also refer to what is likely.



I would phrase as follows:

This is what the passengers will be going through when an airplane crashes.


Thank you Torsten,

I’m sorry for my late reply, but life has been happening to me, you know. I’m not coronavirused or ill, but I wanted some time to recharge my batteries.
As far as this issue is concerned I have another explanation, since the the statement I gave you came from an expert lawyer where airplane crashes are concerned.
I think she wished to be a bit careful stating what would happen (other facts may occur that haven’t occurred so far, so beyond her knowledge) I think she switched to the present to make clear that she wasn’t completely sure. Also, I heard her say so in an interview and then switching from one tense to another isn’t so abnormal. Does this make sense? Because your sentence actually say that it is absolutely a fact what passengers would go through when a plane crashes.


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