When people succeed, it is because of hard work.

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When people succeed, it is because of hard work.Luck has nothing to do with success. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement.
Success is a complicated notion that entangles various life aspects. Success might imply having a family, running a business, having social position together with stable financial income or performing a job that one really enjoys doing. While some people might say that success can be referred only to lucky people and does not require hard work, others would be more inclined to think that there is no sweat without sweat. As far as I am concerned, success is impossible without hard work.
To begin with, if people want to get a successful job that would bring them a firm financial position, they need to obtain fundamental knowledge at the higher institutions. In turn, if they want to be admitted to a college or university, they have to take certain examinations that require a lot of preparation. It is doubtful that someone who counts on blind luck could pass a test by choosing random answers. Even if a person was lucky enough to pass the test, further learning process might require a lot of efforts to achieve desirable academic results. Students have to be extremely sedulous in order to succeed during their studying process.
Last but not the least, making a career and gaining a social position are hardly possible without tedious process of honing in one’s skills and hard work. Even if someone was unbelievably lucky enough to get a high position having no adequate knowledge, it might be very hard for that person to keep up during a process of work and deal with all the requirements without certain skills and professionalism.
Moreover, a lot of successful people had not known how far they could succeed before they actually became successful. Some of them might not even know their abilities and might think they do not have any. But, the harder people work the more chances they get to find out what their actual strengths are.
To sum up, everyone has certain priorities regarding success. More and more people nowadays choose family and self-realization. No matter how people define success. As soon as they start thinking of how to gain it, they realize that thoughts are not enough and to make their dreams come true they need some specific tools like knowledge and perseverance that imply hard work and constant desire to improve. That is why, success can not be possible without hard work.
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When somebody mention luck,first thought is social aspect of luck, such as games, lotteries, numerology…etc othet thought is- if I had a fire in my apartment I would say, I had a bad luck that day, or when black cat cross road a front of me .
We can say people have luck sometimes, but I would mention famous quote “We were on right place, on right time”

For me being successive is running a business , having a family or studying. We can assume that luck has small part in our hard work, but for sure that is not crucial reason why is someone successful. If a person on a college or university study,and he is ambicious, he will probably accomplish good result on exame. People need to be arduously and take the challenge, nobody supposed to wait for lucky day or moment. If somebody don’t ensue hard work,and his career obviously goes down,than he can say he had bad luck with job, even if we know, luck is just a small piece who we deserve.

Maybe, we can think , we got a job because we were lucky that day, more than somebody else, but , we don’t get promotion because we are lucky person, manager promoted us because our enormous amount of hard work;

For example, Alexander Fleming, he was biologist and pharmacologist, he was hard worker, he has found many of drugs who helped people, but one day accidentally he found the most saving drug in the world – penicillin. Other example is Christopher Columbus, he was explorer who have sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, he was searching for India, and than he accidentally found a new continent, America. Although I have heard that Columbus is not the first who discovered America, but certainly he was the first one who inform the other people , he found America, and that’s why he deserve all credit.

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