When is 'an information' correct?


So, this is a little quiz: Can you think of an instance when ‘an information’ is correct? (I admit it’s a bit of a trick question).


I can think of one. A hint is that “information” is not always a verb.


Very interesting. This would add another option since in the case I have in mind ‘information’ is a noun.


I guess the information is not wrong when it is correct. According to the Oxford dictionary, the word information itself is listed there as a noun. Referring to Torsten question there is whether fake or falseness involved. When it comes to communication the receiver creates the message, so I interpreted it as I mentioned.


Many nouns can also fill in as adjectives. I phrase I was thinking about was “an information overload”.


I think “an information” can never be correct because information is uncountable.


That’s exactly what I had in mind. Compound nouns such as ‘an information system’ or ‘an information officer’.