When do we use a comma with 'too'?


Which of the following sentences are properly punctuated and why?

He, too, played basketball.

He too played basketball.

He played basketball, too.

He played basketball too.

Many thanks

Too -
“Too” is used in positive sentences to add an agreeing thought. It has the same meaning as “also,” but its placement within the sentence is different.

Jane speaks French. Sam speaks French too.
I love chocolate. I love pizza too.
Frank can come with us. Nancy can come with us too.

“Too” usually comes at the end of a clause.

I am Canadian too.
I can speak French too.
I am studying economics too.
If he wants to go too, he should meet us at 8:00.

Although “too” is usually placed at the end of a clause, it can sometimes be used with commas after the subject of the sentence. This is usually only done in formal speech.


Mr. Jones wanted the contract. Ms. Jackson, too, thought it was necessary.
Donna is working on a solution to the problem. I, too, am trying to find a way to resolve the conflict.

He played basketball too. - correct
He, too, played basketball. - correct