When did you last help someone in need?

Hi all,
I think the biggest problem we have these days is that we don’t care about the people around us. We don’t know much about them, we don’t know if they need anything.
Please, think about that. When did you last do something for someone you don’t know? What did you do?
I wish we had a better world.

The lack of replies to your post says it all, doesn’t it, Aydin? Or maybe not. Let’s be optimistic and hope that people are just being modest about their generosity.

This might be a selfish world we live in, with an incredibly wide range of characters, but, given a chance, we can be big-hearted, too.

Hello Aydın,

You have indeed raised an interesting question: Is our generation more egotistical than generations before us? How much do we care about other people? I think if people weren’t interested in other people the Internet wouldn’t exist, would it? As for helping others, I think it’s a question of give and take. Anything you do for a to another person comes back to you one way or another. What about you, Aydın? What do you do for others? How do they benefit from your actions?


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Some help ends up being no help at all – you give $5 to someone on the street, she may use it to buy a sandwich… or to buy a small bottle of alcohol or a hit of crack.

Blindly throwing money at a problem is often no solution at all – look at the problems in Africa. Some of the aid does get to the people who need it, but much of it is hoarded by warlords.

I’d feel much better about everyday one-on-one charitable giving (in the case of giving a street-person some cash) if I were to give the person some food and/or a non-alcoholic beverage – something tangible that would not be detrimental to his or her health.

Yes, and i prefer to donate or give away my money to the charity organisations rather than loaning it to someone.

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I never give money to people who are begging on the street. I’ve met several times with people who were knocking from door to door. They were asking for food. I remember that I gave that man my dinner, my mother filled gigant jar with soup and wrapped bread in paper. Other time it was an elderly lady, she also got something to eat. Nevertheless it isn’t a generosity it’s our duty. I also never lend money from one sipmle reason, I haven’t got it. Sometimes, it’s hard to make ends meet so I’d be conscience-stricken to take my mother’s salary and spend it for trivial things.

Hi Torsten,
Helping people doesn’t necessarily mean giving them something. I work for a foundation which tries to help people recover from the problems they had after the earthquake - you may have heard about the quake in 1999. We do help especially the children who lost their parents by educating them. We have some courses, such as English, computer etc.
I like doing that kind of things. Our foundation sent some aid to Indonesia, too.


Well, pecuniary aid might come in very handy for people being in a tight spot or in low water financially, but helping intellectually or by performing physical labor turns out to be a sight better in many cases.

As to me, I used to work in a charitable organization that provided orphans with the wealth of diverse and essential things, albeit it functioned a short while. :cry:

Most often I encounter dipsomaniacs who have to beg just for buying an extra bottle of alcohol.

I would be banal in saying that helping people can be displayed in different ways. The tangible example is english-test.net, which is (like other ESL forums) a great invention for learners whose strongest desire is to brush up their English and communication skills. And the contribution that is being made by Amy, Conchita, Alan, MM and Jamie is really valuable and impeccable.

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