When and where is one a competent communicator?

Do you agree with this statement?

“A person’s being born in a native-English-speaking country does not make for a more competent communicator in any other context. Instead, wide exposure to varieties of English makes one more amenable to being flexible in one’s use of the language…”

From: World Englishes in Asian Contexts By Yamuna Kachru, Cecil L. Nelson.

Molly, you beat this dead horse over and over again, and you never get the agreement you want. You are brainwashed and obsessed. Give it a vacation.


I agree with that statement. Actually, if I make a comparison with my country, there are many people who only contribute for (incorrect? Should I use ‘to’?) the devastation of the language. I guess that is the case with English as well.

‘A person’s being…’ - what is this short of?


Do you disagree with the statement, Jamie?

BTW, I’ve beaten this horse on other fora and received many intelligent responses. Can’t you at least get beyond Disney for a mo’?

People on this forum have also given you intelligent responses, but because you don’t agree with them, you don’t consider them intelligent. You seem to think that if people don’t accept the same premises as you, they haven’t read the right academic articles, and you post those links. However, some of the people have read more of those articles than you probably have and found them unconvincing. Sometimes you fail to convince people, and you can’t counter their arguments, so you reduce yourself to name-calling, which you have done again this time.

Should we check out some of your responses, Walt?