wheels on you

Could you please help me understand this sentences:

  1. you’ve got to slow it down to bowl quicker

Does it mean you have to be a bit slower to throw the ball quicker

  1. When you jump and you gather like that, hold it for a split second longer, you’ll feel it.

What does gather mean here? (It is from a cricket video)

Many thanks

  1. Yes. It means that trying to rush the movement too much is actually counter-productive.

  2. Can you see on the video what action this is describing? It’s possible that “gather” means to collect a ball that is running or bouncing towards you.

Dear Dozy many thanks for this. I forgot to ask. He also says ‘You have got wheels on you. And no reason you can’t do that.’
Do you think he means ‘you are fast’?

I don’t know that expression. If “you are fast” fits the context then that would be my first guess.

Thank you very much Dozy yes it fits the context.
Have a nice day