What's wrong with this sentence: My baby sister Athirah, the apple of my eyes...


I’m now writing Acknowledgements for my thesis and I keep on getting the green lines when I type this sentence in Word. What’s wrong with it?

My baby sister Athirah, the apple of my eyes, the love of my life.

Any opinion would be appreciated.Thanks.

Hi NinaZara

MS Word is apparently alerting you to the fact that there is no verb and therefore it is not a sentence. What happens when you remove the period (full stop)? :smiley:


The usual expression is 'the apple of my eye’.

Maybe that’s what the fuss is all about! :slight_smile:

Good eye, Conchita. :smiley:

Thanks ladies.

I tried changing it to ‘the apple of my eye’ but that didn’t work either.Thanks anyway for clearing that up for me, I was torn between but decided ‘eyes’ is the logical one.

Anyway I changed the sentence to

My baby sister, Athirah, the apple of my eye, the love of my life, the angel whose presence alone keeps me strong and motivated.

but still, I cannot get rid of the crazy, nutty, rotten green lines!

Any tips? or else I’m just going to be stubborn and leave it that way :oops:

Could it be the proper noun, Athirah, that isn’t recognised by your proofreader?

Apart from that, your sentence is still incomplete, Nina! What if you insert ‘is’ after ‘Athirah’?

Assuming this is to be part of a list of people (list of Acknowledgements), a grammatically complete sentence isn’t necessary.

Options for doing battle with little green MS Word lines: 8)

  1. Remove the period[color=green].
  2. Highlight the entire sentence fragment, right click the mouse and tell the MS proofreader to ignore the problem.
  3. Change the wording to this:
    My baby sister, Athirah, who is the apple of my eye, the love of my life, and the angel whose presence alone keeps me strong and motivated [size=92](added = ‘who is’, removed = ‘.’)[/size]
  4. To convince MS Word’s spell-checker (forever!) that your sister’s name is a correctly spelled word, highlight her name, right click and tell the spell-checker to ‘Add’ this name to its list of correctly spelled words.



You assumed right. I was making a list of people and I am finally ridded of the green lines when i put ‘who is’.

Again, Amy and Conchita, thanks for pointing my mistakes out and for the tips too.

Happy sunday!