what's the meaning of SOMEWHAT?

I got somewhat of a surprising news…what’s the meaning of the word SOMEWHAT in that sentence? Thanks.

the somewhat means to some degree.

Hi RockyHun,

Your question:

You need to say: I got a somewhat surprising piece of news… ‘News’ isn’t a countable noun. ‘Somewhat’ in the sentence suggests ‘a little’ ‘to some extent’.


Somewhat often means a little. In this sentence it means the news just has a little surprisingness. It isn’t very surprising.

The news was somewhat of a surprise.

Hi Gilemette,

That would usually be phrased 'the news was something of a surprise. (It was a surprising thing.)

Compare with:
‘I received some news which I found somewhat surprising.’ (I thought it was a surprising thing.)

Hi Bev,

I think you could just about get away with :



Yes. That’s why I said, “usually” phrased as.

Many thanks to everyone.

Mr Alan.
Can I say:

  1. “I got somewhat surprising news.”
  2. “It is somewhat surprising news.”

You can say both those phrases, but whether or not they are correct in that particular situation would depend on the context.