What's the damage

Several years ago sitting at the lesson my teacher asked me “What’s the damage?” I gave a blank look at him caused by total ignorance of this expression(figurative meaning).

It turned out to be “what’s time is it?” :smiley:

Have you ever heard this expression?

Hi Pamela,

You asked:

I’ve honestly never heard that expression used to mean that. In the figurative sense to me it has always referred to the cost of something. If you’re at a restaurant and are given the bill, other members of your party might well ask: What’s the damage? wanting to know what the cost of the meal was.


Hi Alan
Interesting! And I’ve honestly never heard that expression used in a sense of “How much does the meal cost( dinner…).”

Hi Pamela

I also know that expression as an idiomatic way of asking “How much is the bill”. I doesn’t have to be in a restaurant. It could also be the bill for the repair of your car, for example. You just want to know how much the final bill for something is going to “damage” your bank account. :lol:

Like Alan, I’ve also never heard this expression used to mean “What time is it?” Never. :shock:


Hi Amy
Thanks for your feedback. To tell the truth, I searched this expression in Google and found the meanings similar to"How much is the bill?" without any hint of another meaning “What time is it?”
It turns out that my teacher was mistaken :frowning:

Yes, I’d agree with the others that your teacher used this expression in an odd way. I’ve also never heard it to mean anything but, “What’s the bill?”

what about “how much does the meal cost?”

It’s right.