What's past a participle?

Hello all,

What’s past participle? Woulld you please give me a clear definition of PP?

Thanks a lot

You can look up the definition on places like "dictionary.com’’.

Hi Nasr

Since defintions for ‘past participle’ are easy to find, it would be better if you could try to tell us what is unclear to you (or why it’s unclear).

Here is the definition from the American Heritage Dictionary, which you can also find on dictionary.com. It seems like a reasonable definition to me:

Past participle

A verb form indicating past or completed action or time that is used as a verbal adjective in phrases such as ‘baked beans’ and ‘finished work’ and with auxiliaries to form the passive voice or perfect and pluperfect tenses in constructions such as ‘She had baked the beans’ and ‘The work was finished’. Also called perfect participle.