what's in a name?

We have been so familiar with William Shakespeare quotes: “What’s in a name”.
As we know, all parents named their children with good and meaningful name. Certainly they do that with great expectation for their generations. The parents hope their children would be a good and useful person. In business, the name of a certain product could effect significantly to the public trust. In the term of business, it is called branding. This is the most important thing for getting trust of public, and producers expect it will be marketable and prospective.
Around us, we found there are so many people created names for their kids, with good and nice names. But unfortunately, for uneducated people, sometimes they don’t think too much about its meaning, they just put the names as they think it sounds good and nice. I wanted to laugh, when one of my neighbor named their kid with Rhino. In a glance It sounds it’s really good name, seems so cool, but if we know what actually the name’s related to the name of wild animal, Rhinoceros (Latin name). So, we need to be aware in creating children’s names. In this decade, no reason, to be less knowledgeable, no reason to be less insightful, due to the progress of modern Technology as like internet. We can access it so easily from everywhere. We’re now living in the era, which is called the era of globalization, no more border in this Earth, the Borderless World.
However, I believe that all parents want to give good names for their kids, certainly meaningful and hopeful ones. Even though sometimes, some people do not truly understand the meaning of the names they created, for sure, they never mean bad.

Are there any relation between the usage of good and meaningful name with the psychological impact of the person who use a certain name?

So hard to answer your question, need to be proven by psychological research. But to my mind, there isn’t direct inverse relationship between the usage of good name with “character building” of the person who use it. Sometimes, it can affect indirectly to his psychological circumstance. For example, the one who used bad name, then people around him, insulting him because of it, he will be unconfident person. It might be like that. Sorry, if my answer won’t satisfy you .

Pipiii, You’re maybe right, because I have enough confidence with the name Rocky. My parents named me with it, for making me strong like Rock…hahaha…

RockyHun: You get lucky, your name can affect positively for you…:):slight_smile:

Yes, why not? That’s all what my parents expect!