What's a thunderclap 4 months?

would anyone know what ‘a thunderclap period of four months’ means?

Quoted text:
‘I did a great amount of work in a thunderclap four-month period.’

Could it possibly mean: quick, painful… or what?
(just some thoughts…)


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Here is how I understand the expression in the given context: ‘I worked so hard and productively that the four months flew by very quickly and it felt like just a moment.’

However, I’m not sure which is why I’m hoping that @Alan will find a minute or two to share his view on this interesting question. Thanks a lot for posting it!


It seems to be shocking surprise, since she did a great amount of work.

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I have never heard that expression before. I can only suggest it could mean thar she worked flat out/at full speed during the four months. Associated with that expression is ‘in a flash’ (possibility of lightning) meaning very quickly. And still on related words - go like the clappers - is to move very fast or work very quickly. ‘Clappers’ are the things that strike bells.
Hope that info helps.


Thanks so much to everyone for their contribution in solving this puzzle.
Vey helpful and enlightening:

months went by in a flash due to too much work…
a shocking surprise that he managed to pull through all this work in four months…
worked in full speed like clappers…

I thought I’d take up the question with people probably familiar with the expression but proved to be not familiar at all and rather something coined by the author on the spur of the moment.
It’ll just remain a mystery…