What you suggest to improve my English language?

Hellow Mr. torsten , you have asked me through your last message which have been touched or arrived my email that why I am learning English , what do you expect my dear? or what you suggest to improve my language ? of course the sharing in like those successful programs ones could develop his learning , of course I havenot any special idea from my learning English , I have to learn all useful scines , however I am a technection for biology and physiology in higer institute.Then what do you thought my friend ? Are you suspected that I try to earn the master here ? belive me my age now 50 years over and here in my country the master closed at fourty , and the dictorate at 45 , then what remain in our live , we are killed as we are still live . We have not the chance to progress or to increase our knowledge ,etc , simply I woud not have to cry …now although I am an old man and my hair becomes white I took my last chance in an evening collage and it is the last aim should I do in my life.
Note : please I am asked for a spelling tools to check my words before I send it .

Mohammad, the Firefox browser has a spellchecker in it. It is a completely free program, and you can download it at mozilla.org

As I say, it’s completely free, and there is no trick involved.

…or you can download a dictionary program, like Lingvo. I wouldn’t say it is a 100% free piece of software (although there are always ways, if you catch my drift), but in the face of its inaptness to provide a correct translation from time to time, its spell-cheking and word-suggesting abilities are excellent. When I’m in two minds about the spelling of a word, I drag-n-drop it onto the window of the program and, if I misspelled the word, it gives me a list of suggestions of the right spellings.