What you say? (bush expressions)


I heard on the bush telegraph that if you beat about the bush, you’re not only likely to lose the two in the bush but also the one in the hand. What two - what one?


Hi Alan!

I needed a little help from you. Is it a riddle for Jan the seaman? Or could us landrats also find out the solution?? :?:

your confused :?


Hi Alan

That’s quite a riddle! I hope you don’t mind if I give the ‘landlubber’ (Michael) a little hint…

Michael, I think you need to know something about English sayings and/or proverbs to solve Alan’s riddle. :wink:


Michael, a good translation for the German word ‘Landratte’ is ‘landlubber’. :smiley:

Hi Amy! Hi Alan!

I think -I?ve thought about a likely German idiom- it is a riddle for landlubbers, particular if they are ornithologists. 8)

If you beat about the bush wanting to catch the two birds in the bush you probably lose the one bird that you hold in your hand!

[color=red]SSSSSttrrrike or what?

The German idiom due to that has to do with either/or:

“It?s always better to hold the sparrow in the hand than to see the pigeon at the roof!” :wink: