What would you do Uncle Sam?

With all leadership changes and terrorism on the rise again, what would you do Uncle Sam.

Don’t you think you need wiser diplomacy than ABC diplomacy which can’t wipe out terrorism and economy drags.

I think you need new team, waste all oldies who’ve got fat.

kind regards.

Once you eliminated Bin Laden, everybody became Bin Laden. Oh dear…

He feels shame, nothing else.

Uncle Sam wants YOU!

(sounds like a threat to me) :wink:

To fight against what? Terrorism.

I rather go catch a tiger by bare hands.

kind regards.

Once we breed terrorism, we can’t stop it. Our own mistakes. Sometimes we are so naive and so arrogant.

I know nothing about politics, but some this and that management.

In management, when there is an issue, we simply say it’s a breach of conduct according to the books.

We never say it mismanagement. Wonderful.

Cos we are the managers. And we face more breaches of conduct. Splendid.

kind regards.