What would you do if you were me?

hi everyone:
I bought a beautiful white carpet which i have always wanted. Several days ago several of my friends visited me and one of them didn’t take her shoes off and got the carpet dirty. She drove me over the edge . i am a person of a little bit short fuse and always doin th things i feel regretted after doin it. I flew off the handle. She said she would rather not to come my home at all.

I think my home is my castle and i have the right to set rules in my house. Am i unreasonable? If you were me what would you do?

Say you are one of those friends who visited my home, what would you have done on the spot? Would you have been on my side or her side? or just keep your nose clean-keep neutral?

Hi aleaf,how old are you ?
You can buy many carpets ,but it is so difficult to find a good friend…
I’d throw this carpet away :slight_smile:

If I was you I suppose I might have done the same as you, but I suppose it would have been better to have made a joke of it.

But if I was another friend I would have kept out of the whole issue, it’s better not the interfere. Like my friends say “Its better to keep your mouth shut and keep others guessing if you are a fool than to open your mouth and clear their doubt” :?: :!: :roll:

Hi, I am Maxine from India, and I love English, especially when it comes to reading. What about you?

Aleaf, you invited the trouble yourself by buying a white carpet. And you were wrong to mistreat your friend because of that oversight. You owe that lady a very humble apology, and you’ll be lucky if she accepts it after you abused her over something so petty.

I would definitely have taken her side, and if I had been there to witness the drama, you would have lost two friends.

Of course you are entitled to set your own rules in your house and to have a white carpet – although this is hardly practical (I guess you don’t expect to have children around!). Have you thought of how dusty feet can get when wearing sandals in the summer? And what a catastrophic situation it would be if some of your guests had a smelly feet problem or a hole in their sock, big toe sticking out and wiggling happily! This might be okay with very close friends, but still…

Now, the question remains – what is more important: our guests’ well-being or that a carpet stays immaculate?


Why don’t you just wear different shoes inside?

All the best


Yo, Aleaf !
Course, you can lay down any rules in your house, but you have to have gone easy on her. But dont worry, we learn by experience - I reckon you now realise that it was your fault. What Just my humble piese of advice :slight_smile:

PS. seems I know why you picked up an image of Erik Cartman for your avatar. He often “flies off the handle” in South Park


Did you ask your guests to take off their shoes? If so, and she didn’t… she is more or less 100% culpable.

I would never ask my friend to take off shoes… :slight_smile:
My friend is more precious to me than all carpets in the world :slight_smile:


So you all wear shoes inside in your countries?

All the best



I’d say in the US it would be unusual for someone to request that a visitor remove their shoes.

My mother once talked my dad into buying a white carpet. She later regretted it – but not because of visitors’ shoes. It had more to do with the unavoidable spills and also the family dog.

IF you ask your guest to take he’s shoes off in Russia it’s not a problem
In Georgia your guest may think that you’re trying to offence him…
I don’t know how it is in aleaf’s Country,but anyway We can buy lot’s of carpet,it’s very easy and it is really very difficult to find a real friend…
I think carpest mustn’t be a reason for discussions


Carpets can be expensive and they are difficult to clean.

All the best


So you ruin a friendship for that?

Jamie (K)

This is the first time I agree with you :smiley:

Hi Jamie,

I didn’t say that, did I?

All the best


Hello everyone here:
Today is saturday. Happy weekend! All of your opinions are very instructive to me. Yeah, the unpleasing affair has past for several weeks,and in fact i felt regretful for what i had said to her.

  1. Che. Really? Unbelieveable that people feel they are being offened when they are asked to take their shoes off. In china i think it is ok. In fact guests will take off their shoes off without the requirement of the host if they find the floor is shinning or has a carpet covering on it.
    BTW.Why do you want to know my age? :)) I am old enough to buy almost everything i want to buy(not including diamonds, house, and car etc. :lol: ) but i won’t throw my carpet away because it cost almost a third of my one month’s salary.

  2. Marxine: hi nice to meet you. thanks for your suggestion. yes i am a person of not so humorous. It is my biggest sorrow.:)) Speaking of reading, sure i like it. These days i am reading some poems. Stray Bird,I Like the Subtle, the Lake of Autaumn. I found poems were so beautiful. What about you?

  3. Jamie thanks for your frankness.I think you are a person of very integrity.:))( BTW , the issue on Tibet i don’t have further information. But i should say in china if you ask people whether they know Tibetan people are not allowed to go to other places freely.100% people won’t believe.I asked people around me , at least nobody believed it.)

  4. Conchita. yeah i think maybe she had such problems you have mentioned above. she is a pretty girl so it is normal that she wants to keep a beautiful image. LOL

  5. Lost-soul. hehehe in fact when i picked up the image i didn’t know where the image came from. I just came across the image in a picture gallary on internet and i felt the guy looks funny. Don’t know why i had thought it was an image of chinese . Now after a second thought i think maybe the red suit misled me. Hehehe South Park hasn’t been shown officially in china yet.

  6. Prez, sure i asked them to take off their shoes and i prepared them slippers.Maybe i should have prepared some socks as well. Just as conchita mentioned maybe her big toes was protruding from a big hole and wiggling happily.

:lol: (i really loved the true-to-life description)

[color=red][size=200]HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE![/size]

When I first visited Russia,My host asked me to take shoes off :smiley: I thought he was kidding ,than I realised it’s ok …
Dude ,watch this vid :smiley:


This guy is very rich :smiley:

Yea, It’d be better to recommend that one remove the dirt off their shoes.


My experience in Germany was the same: When people are invited to visit, nobody requests that the visitors remove their shoes.

If I visited someone here in the US, and my shoes were particularly dirty for some reason, I would mention this when I arrived and would clean them/take them off without waiting to be requested to do so.

During a very informal visit to someone’s house, a visitor sometimes takes off their shoes – but not because their shoes are particularly dirty, rather because it might be more comfortable for the visitor.