What would be a musicial idiom?

What would be an example of a musicial idiom?

Any style of music characteristic of a particular period (or individual or school, for example) is a musical idiom.

Examples: Baroque, classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, swing, rock, folk, pop, country, solo, chamber, concert, African, Indian, popular…

Or are you thinking of musical idioms, Cooliegirly, as in:

to play second fiddle
to harp on a topic
to blow one’s own horn
to drum up customers


Dear Mister Micawber

Could you please explain this one…it was not in my dictionary?

PS: In one of your previous posts to Conchita you discussed M dash and other dashes. Could you please also tell about their usages and differences? Did you name them?

Thanks in advance


to sing the same tune
to dance to someone’s pipe
to march to a different drummer



Heheh, well I think I was thinking of schools, genres, but thank you anyway, Mr M.