what topic in "life styles" that can be related to culture?

Thank you Sir,
But please would you please give me an example just to demonstrate your explanation?
If I would talk about : fashion, diet, health…how can I relate them to culture? would you please give me an example?
What tools can I use in my presentation to make it mora vivid: a video, or what? would you pleasee give me an example?
How can I make a debate out of this topic?would you pleasee give me an example?

What are you talkiong about and who are you talking to Ammina?

If this is a follow-up to a post and answer you already have, then you need to continue thwt thread, not start a new one. Mister Micawber has explained that to you before.

You seem to have the wrong idea about what this forum is about, I’m afraid. You want help in setting objectives for your lessons then planning the content. That’s not the primary focus here. You may get tips from others doing the same thing as you, but generally you need to seek support from the people setting your syllabus/curriculum as they ought to know what your aims are.