What should the government and individuals do to stop the Global Warming?

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[b]Governments can do several steps to reduce the threat of global warming. First and foremost, the United States and other industrial countries must use the less fossil fuels – especially coal, oil, and gasoline that produce carbon dioxide, the most significant trap-heating gas.

Second, the nations of the world must negotiate a climate change treaty with legally binding limits on emissions of trap-heating gases.

The United States can reduce its carbon-dioxide emissions through four principal strategies: Improving energy efficiency, developing renewable energy resources as solar and wind power, reducing the gasoline consumption for transportation, and switching from oil and coal to natural gases.
[b]People can do a lot to try to stop global warming. One of the things they can do is Carpooling. Carpooling is driving with someone to a place that you are both going to. This can minimize the amount of greenhouse gas put into the air by a car.

Another thing people can do is to be very careful about leaving things turned on such as the television, computer, and the lights. Now people can take time away from the television and spend more time outdoors instead. This can help our planet out a lot.

People can ride buses, ride their bikes, and children can go to school by walking. This can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in the air.

Planting trees and recycling can also help. If you recycle, less trash goes to the dump, and less trash gets burned. As a result, there will be fewer greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.[/b]

Now, I don’t know how can I conclude and summary the paragraph, can anyone help…?

Hello BC,

In conclusion I could say that the resposibility to reduce the greenhouse gasses lays by both government and the population itself.
The governement on the one hand can compel and encourage the industry to make more use of renewable enrgy.
The population on the other hand can change their attitude towards energy use by turning off unused electric appliances and utilize alternative transportation for their cars.

In this way you capture the main points from the article.

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