What should I take - PBT or CBT?


My name is Liana, and I’m a high school student from Russia. I spent this past school year as an exchange student in the US, and now when I’m back home I’m thinking about taking TOEFL. But I’m so confused - should I take PBT or CBT? I’ve just looked through the forums and the questions that people asked you, but I’m still not sure. By the way, I want to apply to a college in North America, that’s why I’m planning to take the exam soon.

Also, what’s the whole difference between PBT and CBT, except for the fact that one is paper-based and the other is computer-based? Is it just that in PBT we have to write everything and it takes more time, but in CBT you do everything on a computer, and the number of questions is less?

I’m so nervous about taking the exam!! oh my god! I’ve been studying English since first grade, and I’ve been to England and Malta (I took summer language courses there) + I’ve just spent a whole year in the US going to a regular American high school; do you think it might help me in taking the exam, and can i hope for good results??

Sorry for asking so many questions, it’s just that i don’t know much about this TOEFL stuff; anyways, i’m new in this website, but it seems to be very helpful, and i like it! Thanks a lot for your help!!!


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