What makes a city identity

Where are you from? What city are you in? Can you tell something about your city? What is your city identity?

What do you think what makes a city identity?

Thank you.

Hi Hoadong,
I am originally from Indonesia, Surabaya city. Surabaya is the second largest city after the capital-Jakarta. Our landmark is ‘Heroic Monument’ as it known as the city of heroes. The monument is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Surabaya and Southeast Asia. It tells you the most important battles of the Indonesian revolution in 1945 which took thousands of lives on 10 November. Up to now we celebrate November 10th as a National Heroes Day. Wish you luck. Lina

Hi Lina,

Thank you for your respond. Hope some day I could visit your city.

Do you know what? I have read an article and it said that the identity of a city based on three factors. They are geology, tradition and history. What do you think about this?