What kind of job vs. what kind of work?

Hi, is there a difference between ‘What kind of job do you do?’ and ‘What kind of work do you do’?


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Yes. I work a lot, but I don’t have a job. In fact, I feel safer working freelance than I do having a job.

Work is equivalent to German “Arbeit”, and your job is your “Stelle”.

However, “What kind of job do you do?” can also mean, “Wie gut ist Ihre Arbeit?” when asking about the quality of someone’s work.

“I got my porch rebuilt last week.”
“Really? What kind of job did the contractors do?”
(This means, “How good was their work?”)

However, in general conversation, both ‘What kind of job do you do?’ and ‘What kind of work do you do’? would elicit the same response.

If I may offer my unworthy oppinion I would think ‘job’ seems closer to ‘something done or made’ while ‘work’ ‘something to do or to make’.

The etymology of ‘work’ is said from Old English “weorc” = “werg-” meaning “to do” or “to labor” while ‘job’ from Middle English “gobbe” meaning “lump” or “piece” suggesting the done work.

And an association is, ‘Good job!’ would sound more convincing than ‘Good work!’ because it has a hidden nuance ‘lump’ the done work, IMO.

Those two expressions are completely interchangeable.