What Job do you like to do?

does your Job suit you?

is it as you planned for yourself?

or it is not?

if you have unlikable job, what Job do you like to do?

Do you like to spend Much time doing special thing?

share us your thoughts.



I love this Job!.


I am a software engineer now. I was interested in programming when I was still a student. After more than ten years working experience, I now feel it pretty boring. Mostly because I have to deal with a lot of specification documents, localization issues, etc. I could not do whatever I like.

Carpentry is a good job as far as I am concerned.

I work as a researcher, dealing with my own projects choosing the direction of my own research and attempting to make progress. This is a difficult thing to do but, in many respects, I get to work as my own boss in a stimulating environment doing work which differs from one day to the next and which I have chosen because I find it interesting. There aren’t many jobs where you can say that. That’s not to say, of course, that it doesn’t have its drawbacks and frustrations, but I think that’s probably the case with any job.

What the best job in the world is I’m not entirely sure. I’d quite like to be either the restaurant or wine columnist for a quality newspaper, but I suspect they have rather long waiting lists…

My passion is to care for others who are in needs. I have tried different jobs before that are not directly associated with human care and needs, but I have never found satisfaction with what I was doing. My passion is to become a nurse. Nursing profession will allow me to fulfill my goal and care for others. I would also like to travel to different places and work.

I would appreciate feedback.

Thank you,


‘needs’ is uncountable in your first sentence so should be ‘need’:
… care for others who are in need.

In your second sentence, ‘need’ and ‘needs’ can both work, depending on the meaning you wish to convey:
… associated with human care and needs - specific countable instances of need.
… associated with human care and need - the need of humans in general terms.

The nursing profession (the article is required)

Dear Beeesnees,

Getting feedback from you means a lot to me.
Thank you so much.



If you like your job, it becomes your hobby. You can turn your hobby into your job, then it’s a vocation. Sometimes you lose interest in your hobby, then, if it is your job, it becomes annoying. If you do a job just for making ends meet and because it was available, then it becomes torture. But, if you are very lucky, your job turns into your hobby.


How come that my Job could be my hobby Claudia?..

You let me turn at vicious circle loool.

My regards