What is your favourite search engine?

CNN seems to be using Google Earth pictures now in their news reports. I saw this for the first time today. Has anyone else noticed it? I remember a couple of years ago CNN used Google as their search engine than they switched to Yahoo.
So, have you ever heard of Google Earth and what search engine do you usually use?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten

Yes, I’ve heard of Google Earth but haven’t actually done much with it other than look at a couple of satellite pictures.

I’m a creature of habit. If I’m satisfied with the way something works, I don’t actively look for other options. So, since Google seems to be able to find the things I’m looking for, it’s basically the only search engine I use. Whenever I look for something on the Internet, I always “google it”. I use Google so often, “to google” has become a new verb for me :wink: ;).

I remember noticing that CNN had changed over to Yahoo! but didn’t think much about it. Do you happen to know the reason why CNN changed?

So, what search engine do you use?


Hi Amy,

You are right, Google probably returns the best search results and is very functional. Yahoo is not a real ‘search engine’ - it’s like a large portal containing all kinds of information ranging from stock news to the usual celebrity gossip. Google has a clean interface - no fancy graphics or movies, no banner ads and pop ups, etc. Also, the Google toolbar is a very handy and useful tool - many people have to come to rely on it several times a day. Are you one of them?
I think CNN has replaced Google with Yahoo because the latter offered them the better advertising deal. Interestingly enough, Google is still the search partner of AOL which is part of the Time Warner Media group, a company that also owns CNN.
So, how often do you use Google or Internet resources in your classroom?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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